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My in law went to an apartment in the inheritance, is the former spouse and the marital housing though a mortgage. She is now for the second time. ., Away from the essence. In the 16th year we went to her father, to care for him at her request well, and like for the apartment to pay less. Oh, sorry she lived within walking distance. We agreed, grandpa died in the same year 16. And housing moved her.

And, as my and daughter left to live here, paying for the rent. Everything is fine. And in September, 18 year, she started our brains do take a mortgage. Type, first wanted to as Podgornoe housing, if the does not work out. In the end we choose was not else. The husband of one work, I’m sitting to care for a special . And kindergarten, we are not far away. We bought her apartment. But, she’s not even lost in the price or gave a dime to repair. Sold at full price, my . ((( It’s sad.

People it ????

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. Tell me is it possible to forgive cheating? And you’d be forgiven or not cheating? What would you do in a situation where your husband put up with a cheater but you’re not 100% sure about that?

Greetings!! Married…

Greetings! ! I am married 7 years my husband is already cheating three years the husband had a month left on a business trip, is now living in his house with his brother and mother-in-law, a situation happened, probably I was not ready, always encrypted but slept really stupid place (((borrowed from his brother the […]

! Is it possible…

! Is it possible to teach a man under 40 to have sex? Even move can not! Tin shorter

finally got a family…

Her ex-husband finally came the family, on the one hand I’m happy for him, after divorce 6 years, he could not settle down, drank and walked. On the other hand I am of course surprised that the new wife over my ex husband for 12 years,although the former spouse I have a handsome man and […]

please. Even

… please. Don’t even know where to start. Married. Have children. But no sex! Half a year with my husband not sleeping! He was tired, tired again. Working two jobs (I am thankful that I have the opportunity to sit in the decree and not to rush to work). But I’m a full-fledged living person. […]

please. Very…

please. I really want to leave my husband. very young and small child. I have no relatives, alone. Married no longer want to live for the sake of the child. only stops one fact that will have your whole life in a rented apartment to live. Only this keeps. baby year just. Was thinking how […]

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