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Just want to consult and hear some opinions. My and I had a baby 2 ago, a wonderful son, everything would be fine , if his mom, so we do not to control something or what to call it , the first time always wanted to visit us, always had him to spend time with me your view on it and I asked so far we have not imposed to ,

I was used to the baby , and my mom is a very good for kV mother-in-law also coming to us were trying to take away from me the baby and I to go and do everything , well after the birth was a little hard to start immediately to wash the floors and drag different Goodies , were just my mom, well, the first month came to an end , the husband should say immediately shared my position is 50/50 so both yours and ours.

Once they met with my mom and mother-in-law immediately said well, supposedly only a couple of times given will meet with the grandson , my mother culturally explained and told her to let me get used Well here comes the second month , they did not touch me in exactly a couple of weeks, now it’s a new matter ,

I’ll buy his Dr cap is cold , let me with it is the sho, the guests whatsoever under any pretext, take away my , and every 10 minutes says go here and there if only I gave her a grandchild I gave but when he was crying immediately took well little still , she pressed forward again and took he was kissed and then quietly admitted that he regretted that gave birth to the second time ( she’s young only 45 ) so I woke up in jealousy and nothing more with myself I can literally feel how narostaet strained ,

and that my husband’s parents and she starts to hate me , called today and almost in an authoritative tone has said that we went to visit them she wants and misses her grandson should.The word we have never had a warm relationship, she was always exactly I saw once a month she did not even know my life and never asked how I feel, how things are and how her son asked identity is extremely rare and is now calling every day and one question : “how’s our grandson” how’s our (name ) and when he learned that our boy has the most crooked face, she had a girl until last may said the ultrasound was wrong.

Generally what I do, I don’t know how to overcome I don’t know , I’m from her head tired and feel strained ,I want still to enjoy my son and not share it with anyone, for me he’s still pretty young , plus we at GW , we have our own link… will listen to any , but tell me your cart is rolling back and you’ll be in the same do not , everyone is different!


– Perhaps the best girl public!!

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