My grandmother and grandfather together for more than 40…

My and grandfather together for more than 40 . And why do they live in the world? Take care of each other, from worry, enjoy life, relax. Just imagine – 40 . Grandma was in the hospital with a serious illness, so the grandfather to her around 2 times a day and is very empathetic and she cares about him and wants to be discharged that would care, sometimes even crying that not is a number . And be sure it’s not a case, is something that is achieved by work of both people and not for a year or even in ten . But modern couples can hardly live a few together . Everyone has their own pens, CDA and needs, no one wants to give up and to , to be loyal and caring. But we all want love, and easy to change, throw change. It is a pity that find normal to human life is a chance 1 to 100. On the one hand I that even if he tries in the and after a few stall on the other hand believe no longer, but on the other hand, I think this can all be circumvented easily, it would be only moral.

Hello! please!…

Hello! please! In the autumn of 18 years my wife started to communicate very closely with a colleague (male of course). And very carefully covered.. I Learned all about at the end of February this year. She called and said that we should break up, I don’t feel for you anything, just talked about his […]

Favorite girls who…

Preferred girls who want to debt money without interest? Please write in the comments “I Want Money”

Help!!! Tired!!!Married 4 years,child 3 years. Always

… Help!!! Tired!!!Married 4 years,child 3 years. Always dreamed of a wealthy adult man and what to love. And that time 35 years old, rents a nice apartment, car x5. OUT FOR LOVE!!! After my daughter was born I decided to save, he moved to his mother…And it was hell!!!1. Tired with not live. […]


please. Known my husband for 2. 5 years. Married 1 . 5 years. Before the wedding, he was a different person. Was better, much.. a week before the wedding found out he lied about age for a year was younger(not so scary). Mom said, think about it, but I emotions did for him.. his relatives […]

please. Hello,…

please. Hello, tell me how to overcome this double betrayal? My husband married 7 years. A friend and I were talking 30 years, since childhood, in the end, this friend stole her husband. She’s divorced, men are changing as gloves, and because of what her husband left, maybe two at a time to meet. And […]


… Hello! miss pliz) How did your partner react to your social network allow you to enter your password, there to climb when you want? Retain passwords on a shared computer?. Know a couple, so she has in order to tel HIM the VC control at all… Or doing so only very jealous people?? And […]

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