Stopped loving husband.

There is no other, yeah and if will be not soon. Her left their hometown (their homes, inherited, rent would not, as only the repairs done and furniture has changed) left, and that he was not comfortable.

Was just wanted to be closer to friends, drinking buddies, with whom you can relax (by the way he’s 32, first marriage, no children). From the first day of the move went to work (previously found), we rented an apartment. And have seen so much thanks to the spouse: how to crawl, grunting like a pig, fall down and cry in hysterics healthy , to yell and insult his wife, let her humiliate wife drinking buddies and very a of things… don’t ask why he suffered. I’m not a chump, but I saw that it is not so where there is kind, gentle caring . In General, I pulled it into the light, took with him a course of psychological rehabilitation (were the real causes of breakdowns), supported in all things, learn to relax without alcohol, career began, moved away from old “friends”, got a new one.

Now talking about the . And I have drained. I in such States, seen and heard so much from him that physically do not perceive him. Yes, now he is different, but if we again return to that state. Yes, and I still have a couple of and will be 30, it’s time for the to think, but I understand that it does not want a baby, generally have they want. Asked for a divorce – a categorical no, without me he is not. And I want to pack up and . In his hometown there is a house but I have no one there waiting (and with work there is not very promising) for a life time here (2.5 years) of those friends are lost, relatives are scattered across the country, and relations with all the normal, but not relatives, parents live for themselves and at a distance to communicate well, but to live near them – not at them.

Well, we all people are different, there is no condemnation. In principle you can go anywhere I (still lived here, gathered a small amount, for the first time will be enough), I nothing never keeps. Husband see my mood says I’m having a crisis. Maybe a crisis, yet I want to leave things in the car, throw out the SIM card and go. , if there was ever someone? What did you do? P. S. to give birth not accepted)

Hello Wanted Hello…

I would like to ask the Council My husband and I married 1 . 5 years, we had a son, he’s 10 months old. The fact that I lost feelings for him. Don’t love him anymore. No, I have never been I am the mother of positive. I have a love affair at the moment […]

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Furthermore important beauty or goodness in choosing a partner?? A shout that looks are not important, but first and foremost we see a pleasant cute man and not a pimply fat man? Although the reach and common interests play an important role in the further development of relations) the Girl chooses the father to your […]

! Is it possible…

! Is it possible to teach a man under 40 to have sex? Even move can not! Tin shorter

ANONYMOUS please… my husband…

ANONYMOUSLY please… my husband and married 9 years, two kids, no claims against him, 3 years of them he goes for watches as the other does not work, to rush home to watch, on arrival helps around the house, with the kids having a great time, won’t let me go don’t step away from yourself, […]


. Husband and I have been together for quite a while. Young, 30 no . All is well, do not swear, great apartment, car and go to rest. Earn an average RFP. But , I know that he wants children, if we are in the company of children, he susqueda with them, and I… disliked […]

Enter the message text……

Your message text…. There will be a lot of letters, maybe it will be a cry for help (to understand themselves ), or simply the cry of the soul.. Maybe someone is lucky in life but not me. Got pregnant at 17 years old, boyfriend left. Given birth to a child threw mother insisted on […]

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