Meet 9 later , 6 made the proposal, I agreed , but further development was not followed( dates/ statements etc.) live separately .

For both it is the second marriage , I have a from a previous and he has 2 . When leaving to the (he from another city) only letters and rare phone calls when he is alone . Parents wanted (say in the marriage stick in the wheel insert ) . Profile in the VC closed and what’s in it , I don’t know. Constantly rubs what he is good , honest and open . Attention a question : am I imagining things or am I being used?

Comfy , a ring on your finger , the other are not compatible .Points over “and” out days , but interesting view from the side . And Yes, I’m 30 , he’s 38.And of course, I it, just snot do not want to breed)

My grandmother and grandfather together for more than 40…

My grandmother and grandfather together for more than 40 years. And why do they live in the world? Take care of each other, from worry, enjoy life, relax. Just imagine – 40 years. Grandma was in the hospital with a serious illness, so the grandfather to her around 2 times a day and is very […]

please! Can…

please! You can congratulate me. I have a new life. Although a little scary….. My daughter left her husband… 2 years as I decree before this shot. Decided to save for the down payment. Moved in with his parents. I recently asked how much he had saved for 2 years!!!! I answered” NOTHING”((((( That’s fucked […]

please)… and

please) and who ever was the husband screwed up and can’t change because he’s ashamed? I’m seeing it for the first time and don’t know how to react. And so let’s hit on the ass is very painful, he can kiss my sick bun and apologize)))

for 15 years…

My husband and I been together for 15 years, I’m 36,he’s 34, has children, two. And like all good, but in our lives came a girl, young, fun and drink and walk… My friend who’s going through life’s difficulties. And my husband had a blast. From her side, I stopped noticing. And she pretends not […]

lived there for 8 years….

My husband lived there for 8 years. Question: nafig I have suffered so much? He is older than me for 5 years. Thought super, man!, support in the family, and I purely support. figure! Lived in a regional city. The apartment was rented. All of his friends have already bought one apartment who room. I […]

All the good time…

All good day. Read “Leftist strengthens marriage”…. This is generally how it works? For me cheating is the destruction of marriage. Especially if the cheated finds out about it. And not everyone is able to transcend themselves and to live like nothing happened. Not to remember this act each time the quarrel, trusting as before. […]

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