Not know how to start…

I do Not know how to I can say you need an objective , or so say the Council want to a second opinion. In General, was have a daughter she is 2.9 GD. with her divorced for 1.5 .that would not be issues separated from her husband because he left to another country felt the greatness of the money and other prospects and left the family.I waited for him for a year thought young senses ,but it was not there .

Soon I met a guy he told me the noodles are hung and we started Dating till the morning, sex mad I have a crush on just I was herovenko year neither guy doing here?Now this guy started to break the relationship because they see him not care for me ,and he stupidly wants to sleep with me ,is that I’m spineless and I decided it all went better than one .Now while this is ignore my old friend began to show signs of attention ,just saejae me go drink coffee I have to about him to laugh ,but another problem I don’t like him ,30 percent out of 100 ,he’s shy ,rude shows ,good guy ,Oh and husband announce they want to be with you all the things I .I don’t know what to do with her husband to be is not an option he betrayed me not once cheated on, humiliated due to the fact that I recovered after the birth of the ,with the 2nd stupid sex does not suit me although I like it and I can’t too, so not a pushover and not ugly, and with the 3rd I do not know .(That would not be issues I do not prisleduet not one of material value,

I have a house and a car live in abundance parents help herself sometimes work), Or then I’m blunt and I don’t know what you want ,or send all and live a normal life.

Strictly. I’m…

Strictly. Guys, please advise. I do not know what to do. I’m 41, 43 civilian husband. We have two cars, I have seven, his fourteenth. My car’s in the fall won’t start ( can be done), I drive one at a time). I have long dreamed about the car. Last year, my brother promised me […]

Help!!! Tired!!!Married 4 years,child 3 years. Always

… Help!!! Tired!!!Married 4 years,child 3 years. Always dreamed of a wealthy adult man and what to love. And that time 35 years old, rents a nice apartment, car x5. OUT FOR LOVE!!! After my daughter was born I decided to save, he moved to his mother…And it was hell!!!1. Tired with not live. […]

Quality sex. You…

High quality sex. Are you serious? I read that most women demand from men quality sex. Itself is not funny? This is what you manufacture? Throw once and for all from the head of the phrase. To demand from a person of quality sex, is equivalent to that of the master of the factory which […]

them. girls and…

all of them. girls and guys how do you react I am 36 years old, twice married, three children, and every child from different men. want to divorce once the husband is a good man. I domohozyaika bringing up children the eldest is already 14 years, the average 9years and samamu little 6 years. how […]

Hello dear, Hello dear …

, I never thought that I will write here, now it’s time means. Met wife 2014, worked in a café as a waitress, asked for the phone number she wrote on a napkin. After correspondence via SMS once said that she has a child, I didn’t mind, so began our relationship. I worked and studied […]

Anonymous, please….

Anonymously, please. Read this group, watching some friends. Because of this, the question arose. How some people give birth to multiple children with the same level of earnings, which is barely enough for one? My husband and I live in the regional center (Moscow), my husband recently changed jobs, so now we have a little […]

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