Not know how to start…

I do Not know how to I can say you need an objective , or so say the Council want to a second . In General, was have a daughter she is 2.9 GD. with her divorced for 1.5 years.that would not be issues separated from her husband because he left to another country felt the greatness of the money and other prospects and left the family.I waited for him for a year thought young senses ,but it was not there .

Soon I met a guy he told me the noodles are hung and we started Dating till the morning, sex mad I have a crush on just I was herovenko year neither guy doing here?Now this guy started to break the relationship because they see him not care for me ,and he stupidly wants to sleep with me ,is that I’m spineless and I decided it all went better than one .Now while this is ignore my old friend began to show signs of attention ,just saejae me go drink coffee I have to about him to laugh ,but another problem I don’t like him ,30 percent out of 100 ,he’s shy ,rude shows ,good guy ,Oh and husband announce they want to be with you all the things I .I don’t know what to do with her husband to be is not an option he betrayed me not once cheated on, humiliated due to the fact that I recovered after the birth of the ,with the 2nd stupid sex does not suit me although I like it and I can’t too, so not a pushover and not ugly, and with the 3rd I do not know .(That would not be issues I do not prisleduet not one of material value,

I have a house and a car live in abundance parents herself sometimes work), Or then I’m blunt and I don’t know what you want ,or send all and live a normal life.

Your child likes to lie…

have Dear friends! Your child likes to lie on the floor and You don’t like normal carpet? We figured out how to solve these problems.↪ have You will forget about that:✅ Your child is very young and his need to control: nest is designed for children from 0 to 14 years! High skirting and soft – […]

Not much…

Strongly do not throw Slippers . In General , Dating a girl , she older than me by 5 years . Lately don’t feel any warmth and interest . Once again do not call , not write . When I go to sleep , the norm for her to just turn away , don’t say […]

A lot of stories…

A lot of stories, destinies, lives. I got married at 18, first man, first love. Lived well, had three children. I was a good mother, wife , lover for my husband. Just climbed into our relationship mother in law, didn’t hate it although I don’t know why. I suffered, because my husband loved, but he, […]

Can not… Can not

, the huge request to publish Hello! Often read this group, and know the same at every step🤦♂ app – He hits me He does – He’s cheating.. WHAT DO I DO?? But damn, my e, why you complicate things, the answer is obvious!!! NEED MY ASS TO PICK UP AND GO! Well, not to […]

Girls survived a divorce,…

Girls of divorce, help morally by the Council. How to let go of her husband, a divorce and not die without someone to love? The husband said a month ago that probably already doesn’t like me, he doesn’t know how to be and it is very hard after the last fight. I’m just a passionate […]


Meet 9 months later , 6 made the proposal, I agreed , but further development was not followed( dates/ statements etc.) live separately . For both it is the second marriage , I have a child from a previous and he has 2 . When leaving to the children (he from another city) only letters […]

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