I knew the phrase,

Of course, I knew the phrase “You are nobody but yourself is not necessary,” but only now realized, how true and bitter phrase. From school I worked part time. The University was in the study. But unlike their peers, I penny gave my mom. All because mom was saving my apartment. The apartment bought in a mortgage. When I graduated I continued to live with mom and pay the mortgage for the most cherished apartment. I personally do bought materials to repair itself and pasted it Wallpaper. The apartment was designed for a , maybe she had a white salary (mortgages as a way). When the apartment was ready, mom let go of the tenants that would be faster to repay debts. Although all meetings relatives/friends/colleagues mom boasted that he gave me the apartment. But I got and moved to her , and therefore I have not argued that the tenants continued to live there and pay my mom. Because her had to move to another city.

This place, forgotten by God and hole, good jobs here a little, and those that are, peredayutsya strictly inherited. Miraculously found a job, but the salary is much smaller than my old. It is of course enough to cover my half of the communal, other shared costs and personal needs, but this amount is much less than the salary of her husband. Because of this my husband started a quarrel, he argued that it is not the money just now, he no longer sees me as a strong woman, doesn’t see my achievements, can admire me. Of course, I if I was actually smarter and stronger in the desert found a good niche for high earnings and achievements, but see I’m not so good at it. But I tried. Tried very hard. After another quarrel I decided to . Called my mom, cried, she listened, comforted. In the end I asked for the keys to the apartment, TK decided to . But she refused, as she has with this apartment the money (in this case my mother, the woman is not needy, she has a good job plus a pension).

Anyway, I have selfish bastards turned the language is to ask, am I supposed to live on my husband’s salary, and the money to his elderly mother (she’s 55). By the way, I helped, but I could not at all desire to give her every penny. In the end, my mother sent, saying that she had no daughter, because she was raised a normal girl, and grew up selfish bitch. Now I know no matter how much you loved your loved ones, no matter how good they might seem to you, in fact, just so you only need yourself, need you only because of their usefulness.

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please! Can…

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. Married 5 years. Have a child 3 years. My husband is bad. Live separately, his life and my life flows parallel. Sometimes shows interest, the sex became rare, he says nothing at all. Nothing divided. When you want to talk – fuck you says calls me. There is nothing to do. Sitting at the […]

Hello! please!…

Hello! please! In the autumn of 18 years my wife started to communicate very closely with a colleague (male of course). And very carefully covered.. I Learned all about at the end of February this year. She called and said that we should break up, I don’t feel for you anything, just talked about his […]

please! Today…

please! Today daughter 4 years told me that my grandmother(in-law) tells her what a terrible mom you are ugly, you have ugly hair, you’re stupid and you fucking mother! Now I’m certainly arriving in shock even do not know how to act, except that no longer her name to leave the child with whom the […]


… Hello! miss pliz) How did your partner react to your social network allow you to enter your password, there to climb when you want? Retain passwords on a shared computer?. Know a couple, so she has in order to tel HIM the VC control at all… Or doing so only very jealous people?? And […]

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