It turned out that I married the second…

It turned out that I the second time. My ex- and I divorced, I thought because of his infidelity, battering and selfishness. Actually, only partially. I got it just recently. My perfectionism and obstinacy gave rise to his beastly antics. At that time, with him our was 1.5 . 6 after our separation, I got married again. Second husband didn’t like but went on some stupid principle to prove to myself and the former wife that I’m normal and the will remain. Our began to call my new husband “dad.” I was flattered. Because the former husband had the pain, I know.

The second marriage had a and after his birth I fell in with her husband. For his attitude towards me and my son from my first marriage. We all got along until my husband appeared high-paying job… the Behavior has changed for the worse and blame me too much he was allowed, he earns, I’m home with the kids. All of his “want” was true. There are many problems of a different nature, to describe them makes no sense. Now I sit and hate myself for wanting to divorce… Came the realization that as if someone did not say, but I will be easier and easier. Before the eldest son really ashamed, just embarrassed, and DUMB that he had a like that. Two dads and no, my fault. And before the younger, I want also deprived of a complete family…Apparently family life is not for me.

Couldn’t I 2 bad husband in a row to get caught? Could not. The desire to just disappear from this life, to anyone else it does not spoil. Just wanted to vent, that’s all. PS ex-husband, everything is fine. Soon the wedding and the problems that were in our life together now – no. And honestly? I’m really glad for him.

Favorite theme of betrayal….

Favorite theme of betrayal. As soon as I see such posts, I want to speak out, then change your mind. Now decided. Probably because I have hands and legs FOR the preservation of the family. And not for the sake of the children and other things. But because if people want to be together, they […]

. Girls…

. Girls, tell me, don’t know what to do. There’s a young man, it’s all good. Caring, loves me, allows out with my girlfriends. Good job. Apartment, car. Cute. But damn it, he quickly finishes. In terms of sex. I talked to him. Nothing helps. And I because of this it does not want. We […]

How to get from…

How to get from 1 000 to 100 000 at 0%? 🤖 1 . Write to the Bot – 💰 2 . Get your cash! 🧡 3. Enjoy!: )

My husband…

my husband has a brother, a good kind redhead 30 years, but no luck with the girls, well, our girls need the cash now apartments, but then he lives in the village works, but as I said their destiny to the end of the world. It is not an obstacle, and children, the way children […]

Have you noticed… the

And… have you noticed, as now it became FASHIONABLE to ridicule women? Call bitches Hami….., skins…., divorcees with a trailer? Was more than one man in life b*TCH….. Want…., the husband brought the money to your home….., NOT ONLY required constant domestic and sexual experiences – the hard way….. Divorced — of course…., the divorcee […]

. I want to share…

. Want to share your story. Dated a guy, living together, love, everything. A year later, got pregnant, gave birth to a son. A month after birth he was sent to places not so remote, nothing serious, not killed, not beaten, but 4 years… Waiting, honestly waited, texted, helped than could, itself in the decree […]

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