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me… please. I’m 28 years old, my husband married 4 years, living 5 years. 8 months ago my daughter was born. It’s all good! But we don’t sleep as husband and wife for over a year and a half(the last time was in December 2017) as the daughter did, I slept as soon as got […]

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) will tell a prehistory, wrote days ago Nacatl post that you want to meet up with ex-boyfriend, being married, not for infidelity to self-esteem! shit I have been reading 😂 but there were adequate comments. Met, talked, it was very nice and nostalgia was, and even thought there was zagnuts, trahnutsya etc, adult men […]

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Hello. Please, publish.

Maybe not the topic, but I will say. Often see here, as your troubles, blame the parents. I will be 22,living with a guy, and you know what? He’s got parents, and I don’t have! I lived a whole life without parents, a grandmother, an alcoholic that is with 8 years kicked me out of […]