me… please. I’m 28 years old, my husband married 4 years, living 5 years. 8 months ago my daughter was born. It’s all good! But we don’t sleep as husband and wife for over a year and a half(the last time was in December 2017) as the daughter did, I slept as soon as got pregnant didn’t sleep because afraid something to break. Then in the middle period of pregnancy on grounds prohibited at all any intimate relationship. About the blow job as that speech does not go, it is not nice💁🏻♀app After a very difficult labor, and after delivery the barrier, well I can not…. I am afraid toli toli barrier some don’t. Yes, the time probably does not fall out, it’s probably some sort of atmosphere that would barrier my how to overthrow. We never thought that would be a break from each other… But here today says: I need a day off to sit with friends and relax alone… 🤯 I’ve never kept it around always let him go on trips to soccer and to friends in the garage… and he never wanted to break from me and my daughter. But now, not just along with daughters, but I’m too tired with it all day together with my daughter… Tell me whether it smacks of beginning of the end?

Want to

Want to ask others, does it happen at all. Married 4 years, have a child. Husband is the best in all plans, but I like crazy another man. We met each other a year before the wedding (husband and I dated 4 years before marriage). With this, another, another, he is opposite to her husband, […]

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! Living with…

! I live with my husband of 2 years has a son of 10 months. I am 23 and he is older than me by 7 years. Married unspoiled. I am a girl beautiful, slim, working in the profession. The husband always treated with respect. Believer. The post holds. All of his friends and relatives […]

. Having read the posts,…

. Getting read the posts, wives can say: you think to check his phone? ))) no, have a secret chat with a term removal of one minute, for example))) your husband does not remember your own phone, but the number of your current sublunary memorized and typed it to create a secret chat))) they write […]

I was in love with a married woman.

I was in love with a married woman.I loved,love and will love no matter what.We met at work.It all started like this:Cared for her,did I made it 6 months.In the end, she fell in love.And we loved each other very much.Our relationship of 3 years.And so it was that our relationship fell apart.I did not […]

please. Girls…

please. Girls who are unable to conceive for a long period, how do you deal or cope with feeling of inferiority? Whether it was? I find myself thinking that I started to annoy pregnant girls. It’s scary… I don’t want to go to visit friends with children. It hurts me… I have no one to […]

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