The novelty of 2019!…

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I was in love with a married woman.

I was in love with a married woman.I loved,love and will love no matter what.We met at work.It all started like this:Cared for her,did I made it 6 months.In the end, she fell in love.And we loved each other very much.Our relationship of 3 years.And so it was that our relationship fell apart.I did not […]

Hi all…..

hi all.. Or not. Anyway. Refer to men… the fact that I left my children and not remember them. How are you? Don’t ask why, but you know that somewhere lives your child…. grow there, grow up… do you still????? They are your flesh and blood, but growing up not knowing you…. you will die […]

Girls, do not throw Slippers. I…

Girls, do not throw Slippers. I secretly from her husband took the credit. The money for their needs. My husband, of course , were not told about this. Can pay itself, i. e. he did not notice that the money goes for a monthly payment. But the soul of a cat skrebut. He has his […]

💋Girls! THIS…

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envy those I envy those who live with parents, want to come after work and calmly drink tea with mother or mother-in-law or eat dumplings, I do not understand those who quarrel with their parents.

Girls situation….,,…

Girls situation…., of cookies.. Married, apparently for the mother-in-law, he was born, nursed, nursed, fell in love, fell in love with all my heart…. Sex for me was fire, jet, besides the usual….. But in their family to walk made with beer, I first understood, then accepted, then turned, “your wife is an alcoholic”(my husband […]

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