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good afternoon Everyone. Just ask, so then to reveal all the cards)) I read a post here of a girl, which at 23, is the fourth on the way. And I remembered a conversation with one of my “sworn friend”. At the age of 15 gave birth to the first. Without marriage. Just gave birth to. At 19 the second. 24 and 27 of the third plus fourth. Extreme and I lived for about 5 . Soul to soul says, girl. Direct and family and life and prosperity. But then one day finds out that I walked 2 . 5 left. And there he had two more from 2 mistresses 😃. Sorry for my sarcasm. And now complains to me that with the men she does not carry. And politics in women is simple: to keep the . Only the girl’s never worked a day in her life, and all I know how to cook Yes, the diapers to wash. And remaining a beautiful girl with 4 kids in the barn but without money one. The conditions are terrible. have twice taken the guardianship. And all she does not what. Looking for a new boyfriend. My point is that, . To what as if life with was not good, but their ground need to have always. And have reasonable. Then to here now to stay. Feminine I sorry for her. But if a woman stupid, it is their brains do not invest. Me to colic in the abdomen razdyel laughter when I read PWHT tipo: “I pee in it I’m a hottie, and we possess everything”. A look at this “beauty” as though stand though fall. Greasy hair, bitten nails, dressed like farm, you will forgive me, dear. But why cicuits what is not? We babonki ears , males eyes. Here you are so” beautiful” went for a walk with her husband and children, I did not dumb itself? A young pretty girl, look for a need. About the character. As a guy has not loved, but skladnoy a woman will not long endure. If you don’t work, stay home with the kids, then at least give him comfort and peace in his house. To have his home pulled. And then the comes home in addition to starts to “eat itself prepare /put” “I’m tired you got, and where you shied away so much, go back where they came from”. You understand that a Man all @and day working, he’s home to rest came. To talk how it is difficult. (if you think easily, then I pity you), and you start to lament how many times my went to the toilet and my daughter 2 got. Close your mouth, dear and the man look. And then whine that they throw. Well boiled . Love to you and a strong family.

Have you noticed… the

And… have you noticed, as now it became FASHIONABLE to ridicule women? Call bitches Hami….., skins…., divorcees with a trailer? Was more than one man in life b*TCH….. Want…., the husband brought the money to your home….., NOT ONLY required constant domestic and sexual experiences – the hard way….. Divorced — of course…., the divorcee […]

please. Girls…

please. Girls who are unable to conceive for a long period, how do you deal or cope with feeling of inferiority? Whether it was? I find myself thinking that I started to annoy pregnant girls. It’s scary… I don’t want to go to visit friends with children. It hurts me… I have no one to […]

Girls in this… Girls

that in such a situation, you want to have read have have possess Well, first of all! Stop asking such questions in these pages, like “men”. Well, no men here, only suckers that are sitting in women’s public and crusies with women. To go to the page which you can see, either fake, or a […]


Meet 9 months later , 6 made the proposal, I agreed , but further development was not followed( dates/ statements etc.) live separately . For both it is the second marriage , I have a child from a previous and he has 2 . When leaving to the children (he from another city) only letters […]

publish, please….

publish, please. Know that there’s a lot of sitting mistresses, well, or those who have been. You have to understand. Met, such passion, girls, it’s something… was married, he did not hide. Decided that after a trip are going to live together. Wife slut down and out, has changed. About yourself. 26, Board-conductor, engaged in […]

. After the divorce…

. After the divorce temporarily live with my parents. There is money set aside for a down payment where the third part of the total cost of housing. Now the problem with the kindergarten and he’s not close to the child was often ill in the winter, it was not possible to get schedule for […]

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