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) and who ever was the screwed up and can’t change because he’s ashamed? I’m it for the first time and don’t know how to react. And so let’s hit on the ass is very painful, he can kiss my sick bun and apologize)))

please ….

please . Read your group constantly and decided to also write and read opinions from. I live with my husband in the divorce, together we 9 years. We have two children. My husband works in the North, I long time worked at home. My income was enough to me for meals with the kids, husband […]

To the question of…

Towards the question of the commercialism of women. It so happened that I always paid for itself in relationships and marriage. Not that it was my principled position, just my men never made enough money to have enough for the whole family. First husband was generally interrupted by short jobs, often working for free (according […]

Stopped loving husband.

There is no other, yeah and if will be not soon. Her husband left their hometown (their homes, inherited, rent would not, as only the repairs done and furniture has changed) left, and that he was not comfortable. Was just wanted to be closer to friends, drinking buddies, with whom you can relax (by the […]

Enter the message text……

Your message text…. There will be a lot of letters, maybe it will be a cry for help (to understand themselves ), or simply the cry of the soul.. Maybe someone is lucky in life but not me. Got pregnant at 17 years old, boyfriend left. Given birth to a child threw mother insisted on […]

. Many ladies…

. Many ladies talk about what they are looking for a man stronger than himself. Like, I need a man stronger than me. So I do not understand, how do you know that you are strong? What a manifestation of power? What is the force, brother? That is, sister? Or a brother? In short, what’s […]

Forgive the husband who…

Reduce husband who cheated on me. Everything seems fine, everything is fine. Relations improved, the crisis was and he and I have. Dying grandfather and find out what he was hugging a picture of his mistress-wife(the second short-lived marriage, and then returned to the family, she died) Once was dumb. Or maybe men that mistresses […]

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