So little… so little

Santa Barbara You the tape… I’m a girl, I’m 24 years old. Live with a young no kids, I have a girlfriend which I love and which love and cherish, she is married they have a . With this friend we work together, walking in the same company etc . we work With one young man he is married and has three plus say he’s our General “lover”. The friend of course doesn’t know I’m sleeping with him… She feels for him certain feelings, constantly tells me how they and that etc . and I’m insanely jealous, because you also have feelings with regard to him… We are walking all together at the same company… it Got to the point that we had sex when she was behind the wall… funny in addition to sad… Her, I naturally can not tell and do not want. But it seems all happy. Tried switching to , but it’s not coming from my head. Wrote here probably just to to… Poison do not spray and your insults too with him. please.

I like it to be.

I like it to be. Married for 2 years. Son of 1.10. I’m 30, husband is 27. When I got pregnant the thought of abortion was not even. Child me desired and long awaited. The husband said, want to be a dad. It is also said that son will not leave under any circumstances. He […]

listen to the opinion…

♀Want to talk to, to listen to a second opinion. I am 19 years old and I’m pregnant. About to be born son, but my boyfriend is a drug addict. He cheats all the time, brings to tears and tantrums, leaves and disappears for a few hours. For pregnancy two times I was in the […]

Have you noticed… the

And… have you noticed, as now it became FASHIONABLE to ridicule women? Call bitches Hami….., skins…., divorcees with a trailer? Was more than one man in life b*TCH….. Want…., the husband brought the money to your home….., NOT ONLY required constant domestic and sexual experiences – the hard way….. Divorced — of course…., the divorcee […]

. After reading…

. After reading Your stories, I already think that my husband really Holy😅. Although he likes to drink, so to speak, not only during the holidays and sometimes it brings. But I’m sure as a person and a man. He will not throw, will not change, and even if they change, I first hear about […]

. I decided…

. My husband and I decided to become lovers. Daughter 2 years. Together like cat and dog. And decided just to sleep sometimes without obligation, to meet secretly, so joyful both go to each other’s helmet love SMS and very each other miss. Life became interesting and intense. While not divorced, live separately. I’m on […]

Please. Not…

Please. I won’t beat around the Bush, and straight to the point. I’m 25 my ex. husband. 30. Yes, in my years I have divorced, and no children there. At first it was all good, and after the wedding, too. But then everything changed dramatically, became much to drink on this background became a frequent […]

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