))) Here often…

))) That’s often read about divorced women, with trailer. And Oh, how not true this expression) Because if you include the logic and think a little, woman, and , is a solid, unified mechanism if you will, machine. Where the woman is the main and the is well, the engine for example) the Trailer, it’s a separate device, for comfort, for convenience. Accordingly, this is the trailer. After all, if no important items like the engine( the child), the machine (woman) cannot exist, move, etc, without a trailer (men) it easy). That is, it proves that the is the same trailer. All)

My husband is a pervert. He often watches porn….

My husband is a pervert. He often watches porn. I don’t mind of course, since watching it, I think that is it. But! He’s trying to do with me. Don’t mean to be a prude in this matter, but sometimes you want regular sex 2-3 poses. Not permanent, anal, swallowing his sperm, from which I […]

. I…

. Tell me is it possible to forgive cheating? And you’d be forgiven or not cheating? What would you do in a situation where your husband put up with a cheater but you’re not 100% sure about that?

. Girl….

. Girl. Going the second time married(madly in love with her blessed), and also has a child from his first marriage. Current husband loves like his own child. Love, understanding, trust, great sex and all things… well, everything! Well, everything I dreamed of in the first failed marriage. The first marriage was loans, endless booze, […]


please. have kindness and good mood) My story is this. I’m 31. Son is 10 years old. The first marriage did not work, lived for 11 years, my husband got drunk and beat me went. Then took me the man long sought, eventually believed him, began to live together. I lived a year, everything was […]

My husband…

my husband has a brother, a good kind redhead 30 years, but no luck with the girls, well, our girls need the cash now apartments, but then he lives in the village works, but as I said their destiny to the end of the world. It is not an obstacle, and children, the way children […]

. This situation…

. This situation I don’t know what to do. My husband and 4 years together(I’m 25, husband is 34)has a son 2 years. This is my first marriage, my husband second, from his first marriage child is 8 years old. My husband loves our child as not been apart from him for more than 2 […]

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