Meet – the killer…

Meet the killer iPhones in action )) exaggerated, of course , but the fact remains! Who would have thought that HUAWEI HONOR 10 will outshine the vaunted iPhones… Let’s . your take in this store HUAWEI HONOR 10. For me HUAWEI HONOR 10 enough for the eyes, he does absolutely all the same features. The first is a capacitive battery 3400 mAh. With the active usanee enough hours to about 14. The second design shimmering bright body, my twinkling blue color. The third is the most convenient for me screen size is 5. 84 inches, easily operated by one hand. Fourth – both cameras are in my not worth than lose professional in terms of Amateur photography. Fifth – smartphone no lag, works works quickly, even in the most severe applications. The games I play, so here I can not say . Conclusion: the smartphone definitely recommend. The ratio price-quality is the best that I have ever seen. Stylish, at a great value has a powerful stuffing. The sound is loud, screen is bright, here as in all, new. Oh and don’t forget – producer in the lineup is the flagship. 5 stars out of 5. The website where I ordered

Girl… I’m 25…

Girls… I’m 25 I want to divorce her husband. Married 2 years, dated for 7 years, got a baby 1 . 5 But no … That’s really that’s all a dead end. Hate each other, he came to me with such malice applies, every day insults! “Scum is dumb, but when are you gonna die, […]

with please….

with please. Live with my husband of 11 years has a son and a son from his first marriage. Last year he began to break on older with or without. We have reached the point that the child began at him throwing fists. Then two months of not talking. Two weeks ago, again, a scandal, […]

Forgive the husband who…

Reduce husband who cheated on me. Everything seems fine, everything is fine. Relations improved, the crisis was and he and I have. Dying grandfather and find out what he was hugging a picture of his mistress-wife(the second short-lived marriage, and then returned to the family, she died) Once was dumb. Or maybe men that mistresses […]

Cute classmates!…

Adorable classmates! – my post. I wrote it not in order to boast of. Wanted to give hope to the same “burned out” girls, as I was a few years ago. Post about love, not about how cozy attach your jagodichki. But after reading the comments, I realized that they live as if in […]

. Girl….

. Girl. Going the second time married(madly in love with her blessed), and also has a child from his first marriage. Current husband loves like his own child. Love, understanding, trust, great sex and all things… well, everything! Well, everything I dreamed of in the first failed marriage. The first marriage was loans, endless booze, […]

envy those I envy those who live with parents, want to come after work and calmly drink tea with mother or mother-in-law or eat dumplings, I do not understand those who quarrel with their parents.

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