📢 The heroine of this…

📢 Character of this story name is Hope She got into debt. Loans I had to take on family needs. 🆘 Total debt amounted to 653 118, 43 RUB.. Hope worked informally made upholstered furniture, the worked hard, tried not less than his wife. At first all was well, the loans were paid regularly and even the constant rise in prices and shortages of work does not interfere with the Hope and her to make payments to the banks without delay. ♻ But the family Hopes happy event , the was born. Hope had to go on maternity , but due to the fact that she worked informally, the only source of income was the salary of her husband ⚠ Money was desperately lacking. It is now in the family there were three. Went overdue, the debt grew due to interest and penalties, came the calls from the collection service of the banks. ⛔ Barrage of phone calls, insults and threats. To meet the Hope, the particular banks didn’t want. No vacation credit or reduction of monthly payments. ♻ Fortunately, Hope learned that the loans can not pay legally plus free ourselves at once from all debts. Hope went to the law Agency “Afonin in addition to Partners” • The case associated with hope, come under the law No . 127 of Bankruptcy, all of its debts in the amount of 653 118, 43 rubles, was written off at the end of 2018. 🆘 If You are tired of paying endless interest to the banks, if you don’t want to think how to live on the remaining salary after loan payments. 📢 Just fill out the form for a free legal analysis on this link: 👉🏻 https://vk.cc/9oqoIr • To see how in Your , legally to write away all loans and debts.

My story-even…

My story even! Don’t know what in my life is wrong??? Flee from me guys! Immediately tell them that I, troubled woman of the mortgage loans, grandchildren! At first, all is well, and then, as a pusillanimous negotaite, just blown away. Immediately, I will say that I am self-sufficient, provide for myself. Yes, of course […]

. Married, children…

. Married, no children. Together 3. 5 years. Married for almost a year. And after registering it all began to deteriorate rapidly. My husband razezdnoy work, the house was from 4 to 11 may this time. Every day drinking vodka almost every day in the morning, did not want to talk, to find out the […]

Have you noticed… the

And… have you noticed, as now it became FASHIONABLE to ridicule women? Call bitches Hami….., skins…., divorcees with a trailer? Was more than one man in life b*TCH….. Want…., the husband brought the money to your home….., NOT ONLY required constant domestic and sexual experiences – the hard way….. Divorced — of course…., the divorcee […]

Enter the message text……

Your message text…. There will be a lot of letters, maybe it will be a cry for help (to understand themselves ), or simply the cry of the soul.. Maybe someone is lucky in life but not me. Got pregnant at 17 years old, boyfriend left. Given birth to a child threw mother insisted on […]

There are a lot of people

There are very many Express their negativity and failures, and I want to share my personal utopia. My husband and 2 years married. Daughter 4 years. Feared that after the official marriage my husband change, and not for the better. But who would have thought that there anyway. Husband gold. We have partnerships. He is […]

Hi all, I don’t know what to do, I’m confused….

hi All, I don’t know what to do, I’m confused. I’m 26 years old, girl, cute, go out a second time married, the first husband died before the divorce,got a daughter.My fiance is in General, I am satisfied, is the only but with him everything is standard and not long, there are year and feeling […]

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