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with a grin I read posts for . All the classics – don’t let to wipe on her feet. But to be honest, I once was enabled to do it. And knocked there, where is not waiting; in Tantra called, wrote, threatened; took from time to time those who had to send to hell. It is in theory always easy to say – go get a life and all that jazz. And in fact everyone who is experiencing feelings for the person, not always able to control this process. Head-each realizes that shit, but to force myself not to take and not to think harder, than to memorize all the fable. Therefore , asking the question of how to avoid or survive the separation, not to remember other people’s advice and be sure all are experiencing such moral discomfort. Just someone who forces himself every day to think about something else, accustoming himself to the pride, and someone silently whining and pouring another bottle of wine, humiliated and play the message. Sooner or later self-flagellation anyway get bored and come to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around that person. To live is possible and necessary, it’s all a matter of time and not genuine for ourselves and the experience of .

. Live almost…

. Live almost 15 years old, live in divorce. About 3 years ago, tried quite away from each other, during this time, he’s on a Dating site, finds the woman and begins to live with her. I’m begging him back. Then the purchase of a motorcycle and an overnight trip with a second helmet. Infinitely […]


. Husband and I have been together for quite a while. Young, 30 no . All is well, do not swear, great apartment, car and go to rest. Earn an average RFP. But , I know that he wants children, if we are in the company of children, he susqueda with them, and I… disliked […]

Girls Oh how I need advice….

Girls Oh how I need advice. The story is as follows. My husband and I along with childhood 12 years of marriage +7 of a meet! 2 children. 4 years ago began kromeshny hell: he cheated, he admitted as Ethan and I forgave. But a year later and again the same rake….and then else further. […]

Girl… I’m 25…

Girls… I’m 25 I want to divorce her husband. Married 2 years, dated for 7 years, got a baby 1 . 5 But no … That’s really that’s all a dead end. Hate each other, he came to me with such malice applies, every day insults! “Scum is dumb, but when are you gonna die, […]

Asking anonymously. Married for more than 5…

Asking anonymously. Married for more than 5 years. No children. I’m a girl cute and take care of themselves.My husband often goes on business trips. I hope that this time will be able to recover, but it was not there! He is constantly watching me ( via phone, etc.) and hysteria. Three times a day, […]

Forgive the husband who…

Reduce husband who cheated on me. Everything seems fine, everything is fine. Relations improved, the crisis was and he and I have. Dying grandfather and find out what he was hugging a picture of his mistress-wife(the second short-lived marriage, and then returned to the family, she died) Once was dumb. Or maybe men that mistresses […]

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