Was in such a…

was in such a , quit my job, found out pregnant now found a job but they need to pass medical Commission, and the contract they sign is just temporary until October, I give birth in November, to the employer about the pregnancy said, it is clear that after passing of the Commission they find out about my , so I think whether it is worth to waste time, or maybe still have hope that they will take… maybe someone was in a similar as I did? them)

🔥 Mirror…

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pliz. Girls are such a problem give advice. My husband the quick draw, if the act lasts 10 minutes, this is considered incredibly lucky. He is very worried because of this (namely, that I do not have time and remain not destiny) and I was not cool only rasslabitsya will begin to enjoy and it […]

Girls in this… Girls

that in such a situation, you want to have read have have possess Well, first of all! Stop asking such questions in these pages, like “men”. Well, no men here, only suckers that are sitting in women’s public and crusies with women. To go to the page which you can see, either fake, or a […]

. Good…

. Good day! Girls moms that are divorced, the question to you. Have you ever regretted that divorced her husband? Well, there women’s loneliness, trouble with the baby now completely on you, financial problems also to understand one, housing (renting an apartment)…. Maybe something is still not possible to reconcile after a divorce? What can […]

. How…

. How to get CPR. Yes, I also divorced. Bring 2 x daughters. Ex broke up due to his infidelity. Well, I couldn’t forgive infidelity. Parted amicably. And the parents got offended and stopped communicating with me. They believed that we must all endure. For a long time did not communicate with them. I have […]


please. have kindness and good mood) My story is this. I’m 31. Son is 10 years old. The first marriage did not work, lived for 11 years, my husband got drunk and beat me went. Then took me the man long sought, eventually believed him, began to live together. I lived a year, everything was […]

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