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Good day. I want you, dear subscribers, to ask for . Angry, and dissatisfied stereotypic asked by. My and I live two . The problem is that it doesn’t work. The word “all”. He tries, but no luck. Hell, my s. p. we have enough. BUT. For a long time, I spoke with “Prosveshenie” – a needs, he gets bored, the woman will become uninteresting, you will lose the taste for life, get a lover of I. D. Allegedly the needs a job. And now he was offered two good positions in Moscow and in the city. And he wants, but that’s not what I want. I like that he is home, drives me to work on my day time off we rest together, he’s not tortured. I’m thinking to find another job, the schedule will be 2/2. He is against, forbidden even to think about it. He was a wonderful , wonderful father, amazing lover, helping around the house and generally knows everything. What would you advise – do I make a mistake? Men that tell me you are bored without a job? Now he’s bored – and earns tinkering with cars (another part). Our families are AGAINST it, looking for it a permanent place. Their position is: the man getter. And we so well.

! Living with…

! I live with my husband of 2 years has a son of 10 months. I am 23 and he is older than me by 7 years. Married unspoiled. I am a girl beautiful, slim, working in the profession. The husband always treated with respect. Believer. The post holds. All of his friends and relatives […]

Hello. I would like… Hello

. I would like to ask the women how you feel about the fact that your husband watches porn, and with the participation of specific people. How do you handle it when he saw know? Maybe I’m overreacting, I was very worried and not nice. Don’t know how to treat and behave. Just the idea […]

. Is it…

. How hard is it to please man and to maintain harmony in the family?! Regular sex without any failures, to eat tasty and the house in order. All. But many people with this can not cope. But shout at every corner that the man needs. Men interesting your point of view, how to behave […]

please. Husband…

please. Husband just doesn’t want me, haven’t had sex in two months, Yes I am normal, after the birth of a child a little lascabanes to 98 lbs. but he married me personally and took not the slim.

please)… and

please) and who ever was the husband screwed up and can’t change because he’s ashamed? I’m seeing it for the first time and don’t know how to react. And so let’s hit on the ass is very painful, he can kiss my sick bun and apologize)))

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Read about adultery, he did, 2 years living without sex, living from hand to mouth blowjobs hard, mentally very fond of her and don’t know what’s going on

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