Good day….

Good day. I want you, dear subscribers, to ask for . Angry, and dissatisfied stereotypic asked by. My and I live two . The problem is that it doesn’t work. The word “all”. He tries, but no luck. Hell, my s. p. we have enough. BUT. For a long time, I spoke with “Prosveshenie” – a needs, he gets bored, the woman will become uninteresting, you will lose the taste for life, get a lover of I. D. Allegedly the needs a job. And now he was offered two good positions in Moscow and in the city. And he wants, but that’s not what I want. I like that he is home, drives me to work on my day time off we rest together, he’s not tortured. I’m thinking to find another job, the schedule will be 2/2. He is against, forbidden even to think about it. He was a wonderful husband, wonderful father, amazing lover, helping around the house and generally knows everything. What would you advise – do I make a mistake? Men that tell me you are bored without a job? Now he’s bored – and earns tinkering with cars (another part). Our families are AGAINST it, looking for it a permanent place. Their position is: the getter. And we so well.

is constantly…

Married with a daughter.Lived in Russia permanently in a rented apartment, when there was Finance, the husband began to make the brain to me.Brought to the vibrating conveyor.And go to work and I will be with my daughter,and I’m tired and all in this spirit.I took some courses, learned how to earn money while sitting […]

please don’t…

, please Don’t know what to do, hands down… married for almost 3 years in the position, like all good, long planned, was treated, BUT her husband is constantly cheating, even small things, many times because of this conflict, tears, promised to reform, and things there… plus I got to drink( weekend beer ready last […]

Stopped loving husband.

There is no other, yeah and if will be not soon. Her husband left their hometown (their homes, inherited, rent would not, as only the repairs done and furniture has changed) left, and that he was not comfortable. Was just wanted to be closer to friends, drinking buddies, with whom you can relax (by the […]

., lay out, please, I want…

., construct, please, I want to hear a second opinion. Girl, 22 years, her husband married 3 years. A child 8 months. Here is the problem, her husband was not care. To the child in any way, only flips out at him. Teething to do with crying. Now went on a business trip for 2 […]


… Hello! miss pliz) How did your partner react to your social network allow you to enter your password, there to climb when you want? Retain passwords on a shared computer?. Know a couple, so she has in order to tel HIM the VC control at all… Or doing so only very jealous people?? And […]

Cheese quesadilla with chicken and ham …

cheese quesadillas with chicken and ham What to do if you want to eat, but do not want to stand long at the stove? Read below indecently delicious recipe and cook quickly with Hochland cheese for hot dishes! Cheese quesadilla with chicken and ham Ingredients: Tortilla — 2 PCs Garlic sauce — 100 g Olive […]

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