. Known my for 2. 5 . 1 . 5 years. Before the wedding, he was a different person. Was better, much.. a week before the wedding found out he lied about age for a year was younger(not so scary). Mom said, think about it, but I emotions did for him.. his relatives were against it, they say before you yet.. I’m 21, he’s 20.. I that earlier.. But that’s not it.. a month after the wedding, the quarrel with his parents he ripped out the page with a stamp about a marriage in the passport.. He is rude, name-calling, while the benefit did not raise his hand, but the wall put my fist near the face Generally doesn’t pay attention.. I Have problems on female, inflammation, etc . The doctor says that he was tested, my clean tests, but he does not want, speaks, saying that all is well with him, although my doctor said that it is not. Constantly says “let’s divorce, “I say, if you want you, but not filing with regard to divorce.. it costs to yell at me, even though I am calm… I don’t know, it is his indifference to me is killing all the .. I don’t know what to do.. When goes to their home, will ever take me over 2 . 5 years to see his mom 3-4 times, a grandmother 2 times.. lazy.. 😭😭I want happiness, want to be loved..

I want to appeal…

Want to ask a question to women. I read your comments and many say that the first Registrar and only after you’re admitted to the “body”, in other words until the husband no sex. Can it properly with one hand, but if on the other view? The honeymoon period is not infinite and the walking […]

, publish,…

, publish, please. Gonna be a long sheet. Married 2 . 5 years. Me and my husband for 30 years. Together for 3 years. A child, 2 years. I am now on maternity leave, my husband works for 45 days in the North. My husband has Golden hands, all able, well versed in computers. Not […]


, please. Married 2 . 5 years. Got married for the wrong reasons. I loved him of course , but quickly married would not have popped up. And he said that the next couple of years marriage and life together was not in his plans. The first year I tried to do everything to the […]

Left the baby (6 months) on the bed in…

Left the baby (6 months) on the bed in the room with her husband, went to eat. Heard a muffled sound and then a loud crying daughter. “fell!!!”. I rushed, my husband holds the baby, she yells like she is in pain. In short, primal fear and panic in me. Took the daughter, shaking and […]

Anonymously please. Here’s the thing: I love one and…

Anonymously please. Here’s the thing: I like one and is already quite a long time, even from school, now we are at 24 years and she is married and they have 2 children (2 years and 1 year)but found out that her husband was cheating on her and forgive it. So he announced. I was […]

There are a lot of people

There are very many Express their negativity and failures, and I want to share my personal utopia. My husband and 2 years married. Daughter 4 years. Feared that after the official marriage my husband change, and not for the better. But who would have thought that there anyway. Husband gold. We have partnerships. He is […]

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