. Just want to tell…

. Just want to tell their story 06 05. 19 G. Had a fight with gr. . Broke the lip called pretty insulting . Times has this in the past year, so I Decided not to forgive. Though at the moment sitting in a police station I gave a written explanation because I’m not a person who goes and writes.. God will judge him. But I said to-morrow gathered their things and left ) live with my parents). Slave is fine but if gets tenge translate ha the ruble goes around 25. 000 thousand. Enough. So that’s how you think I did the right thing that decided to break everything!?.

So little… so little

Santa Barbara You the tape… I’m a girl, I’m 24 years old. Live with a young man no kids, I have a girlfriend which I love and which love and cherish, she is married they have a son. With this friend we work together, walking in the same company etc . we work With one […]

Strictly. I’m…

Strictly. Guys, please advise. I do not know what to do. I’m 41, 43 civilian husband. We have two cars, I have seven, his fourteenth. My car’s in the fall won’t start ( can be done), I drive one at a time). I have long dreamed about the car. Last year, my brother promised me […]


. I’m old-fashioned. I’m old-fashioned. I think a man must take care of me – to ask if I was wearing a warm scarf and if I forgot to eat. I’m old-fashioned. if I meet a man – so I see him as my future husband and father their children. Yes, he should call me […]

them. You know what…

them. I know that this topic is not here, but I nenashel where real people mogliby to give advice. I’m mentally dying, I so feel oserbay, low in society and I do not know how to handle it. I work, have a husband without flaws that all have enough, but my self esteem is so […]

Hi all…..

hi all.. Or not. Anyway. Refer to men… the fact that I left my children and not remember them. How are you? Don’t ask why, but you know that somewhere lives your child…. grow there, grow up… do you still????? They are your flesh and blood, but growing up not knowing you…. you will die […]

Love this band…

Love this group and all its subscribers. I hope you can help me. In high school I was very fond of his classmate. We were young in a serious relationship with me he has not seen. In that moment, he just wanted to fuck. I refused him, because he knew that he still will not […]

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