Girls tell me how…

Ladies tell me how to be more relaxed about sex and not afraid with the together 6 and I like a log, now trying to lose weight maybe complex that scored after childbirth, really want that the only wanted me and want a quality sex!

please. Night….

please. Night. Checked the child sleeps. Immediately to his wife. Are engaged in our favorite foreplay – I slap her on the ass. Slightly parted, spanking became louder, the child woke up and came to us in the bedroom. I kind of had time to hide the wife. In the morning the son comes up […]

15 reasons never…

15 reasons never to get married 1. To get married it was always made solely on the virgin. My husband always had the right to be the first and only. Now 99% of women are poranki, which had both wanted to you by someone else. To marry poranku, it’s all the same to buy a […]

. Having read the posts,…

. Getting read the posts, wives can say: you think to check his phone? ))) no, have a secret chat with a term removal of one minute, for example))) your husband does not remember your own phone, but the number of your current sublunary memorized and typed it to create a secret chat))) they write […]

! Is it possible…

! Is it possible to teach a man under 40 to have sex? Even move can not! Tin shorter

envy those I envy those who live with parents, want to come after work and calmly drink tea with mother or mother-in-law or eat dumplings, I do not understand those who quarrel with their parents.

I knew the phrase,

Of course, I knew the phrase “You are nobody but yourself is not necessary,” but only now realized, how true and bitter phrase. From school I worked part time. The University was in the study. But unlike their peers, I penny gave my mom. All because mom was saving my apartment. The apartment bought in […]

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