Hi all…..

all.. Or not. Anyway. Refer to men… the fact that I left my and not remember them. How are you? Don’t ask why, but you know that somewhere your …. grow there, grow up… do you still????? They are your flesh and blood, but growing up not knowing you…. you will die and they will remain without incurring any memory of you. Are you still there as your ??????

Cheese quesadilla with chicken and ham …

cheese quesadillas with chicken and ham What to do if you want to eat, but do not want to stand long at the stove? Read below indecently delicious recipe and cook quickly with Hochland cheese for hot dishes! Cheese quesadilla with chicken and ham Ingredients: Tortilla — 2 PCs Garlic sauce — 100 g Olive […]

Please! ))…

Please! )) Actually my husband lived for 3. 5 years. Always knew he’s a Walker, we have known for over 7 years. But it so happened that in General we married. Marriage periodically bursting at the seams. I always forgive him and always be faithful to him. In my opinion it is because of this […]

please: ) It…

, make sure you: ) the fact that a few months ago a man told me that like me, we parted. Then a couple weeks later, met again at his initiative, he is now already a few times since then, seemingly as an afterthought, I said, “I love you. ” The question is more for […]

I knew the phrase,

Of course, I knew the phrase “You are nobody but yourself is not necessary,” but only now realized, how true and bitter phrase. From school I worked part time. The University was in the study. But unlike their peers, I penny gave my mom. All because mom was saving my apartment. The apartment bought in […]

Good morning girls…

Good morning girls how to be. Just don’t understand that life is happening…. Kapets. For husband month. Me 27 husband 37 has ceased to excite me touched never how it is a feeling as squeamish, I clean take care of themselves, well, what the peasants need, the food good, the house all do, children to […]

with please….

with please. Live with my husband of 11 years has a son and a son from his first marriage. Last year he began to break on older with or without. We have reached the point that the child began at him throwing fists. Then two months of not talking. Two weeks ago, again, a scandal, […]

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