Girl… I’m 25…

Girls… I’m 25 I want to divorce her husband. Married 2 years, dated for 7 years, got a baby 1 . 5 But no … That’s really that’s all a dead end. Hate each other, he came to me with such malice applies, every day insults! “Scum is dumb, but when are you gonna die, […]

please 🙏…

, please 🙏 Imagine that the review will start now, but I don’t care. Please do not condemn, do not know who to turn to, no friends, no friends, need to talk and need some advice on the following subject. The fact that I’m married, 9 years old, but her husband does not make me […]

publish, please….

publish, please. Know that there’s a lot of sitting mistresses, well, or those who have been. You have to understand. Met, such passion, girls, it’s something… was married, he did not hide. Decided that after a trip are going to live together. Wife slut down and out, has changed. About yourself. 26, Board-conductor, engaged in […]


… Hello! miss pliz) How did your partner react to your social network allow you to enter your password, there to climb when you want? Retain passwords on a shared computer?. Know a couple, so she has in order to tel HIM the VC control at all… Or doing so only very jealous people?? And […]

I like it to be.

I like it to be. Married for 2 years. Son of 1.10. I’m 30, husband is 27. When I got pregnant the thought of abortion was not even. Child me desired and long awaited. The husband said, want to be a dad. It is also said that son will not leave under any circumstances. He […]

What is more important beauty…

Furthermore important beauty or goodness in choosing a partner?? A shout that looks are not important, but first and foremost we see a pleasant cute man and not a pimply fat man? Although the reach and common interests play an important role in the further development of relations) the Girl chooses the father to your […]

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