Hello dear, Hello dear …

, I never thought that I will write here, now it’s time means.
Met wife 2014, worked in a café as a waitress, asked for the phone number she wrote on a napkin. After correspondence via SMS once said that she has a , I didn’t mind, so began our relationship. I worked and studied in absentia on the tower the 1st year. Everything was good one but my mom was totally against our relationship. I don’t know why she had trouble with my period, it turned out that you became pregnant, although tests done each week several times.
Offered her his hand and heart agreed, signed, wrote down our baby in the passport, all was well, understood each other perfectly, she then lived with aunt and , and when she had shifts at the cafe left of the first child because the baby’s father, they were not needed. I traveled 70 miles each day, I with her was so easy, we had true love. Then we went to Moscow, I did not finish my studies by correspondence, had to quit. Was born in Moscow, our common daughter, a beautiful Princess. They wandered in rented apartments, it was hard at first, working wherever possible, was to put on to wear, to eat well, he often enough to eat, plus there was a trouble with an older child for obvious reasons, he had a stroke
Wound on all Moscow hospitals, I helped her with the daughter while she remained in the hospital, then he went with the senior in the hospital, the child has not recovered after a brain edema, has been profoundly disabled.. it was very hard….
Then I financially slowly things began to recover, I found 2 work schedule 2/2, she was also younger in the decree and is already caring for a sick senior, in 2018 in January had a huge fight, came to my and on this basis had a fight I slapped her , it was the first big quarrel, then I even didn’t say sorry..I was such a moron..that is not forgiven myself for that…after in may 9, she said that it was a betrayal and took the kids and went to grandma’s…I’ve been stressing her out like crazy..you can tell she’s my first love…after three I went on vacation and talked with her, apologized and returned it with my daughter, the older she left her grandmother because she wanted to go to work. Brought her daughter to Moscow, rented a separate apartment, the daughter went to the garden in September, she got a job in a Bank for education. And then began the events that delay the work, once even lied to me said that colleagues with the talking in a cafe, but it turned out that with 2 male colleagues, I has left with her daughter home until 6 in the morning slept until she came again, Fighting against this background…And in April suggested a divorce said can not forgive me then I slapped her then I asked if she’s says Yes, she cares for a richer than me, he has a cottage, car cooler , and he treats her well, I’m like the earth went from under my feet, I did not understand what to me is all….
Meets her work takes, although I did all the same…Love her madly … can’t live without her..I see no reason to live on… April 20 filed for divorce, begged asked to forgive and to return, wants a definitive stand, even on your knees begging me to forgive and to return, to start to live again he would not miss her child, see the child immediately tears navorachivayutsya.and the child suffers, asks dad stay with us.and I cry like a girl after these words, I remember how nice it was…how to return I don’t know…live without it…what do I do??? who was in such a sad , help Council please!!!!

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