Velorex. Home wear….

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. put…

. put pliz. Girls here need this advice. I really like the man and I told him, too, very, well there is one but he’s married and has a child with his wife living as neighbors, he lives for the sake of the child that child would never be in need, (it really is) see […]

Anonymously please. Here’s the thing: I love one and…

Anonymously please. Here’s the thing: I like one and is already quite a long time, even from school, now we are at 24 years and she is married and they have 2 children (2 years and 1 year)but found out that her husband was cheating on her and forgive it. So he announced. I was […]

As a young mother…

Like a young mother to start their profitable business? International network of children’s ballet schools looking for partners in the regions. We invite You to become partner of the network of ballet schools Lil Ballerine is a unique children’s school associated with ballet, which has no analogues! The program of the school “Ballet and fairy […]

So little… so little

Santa Barbara You the tape… I’m a girl, I’m 24 years old. Live with a young man no kids, I have a girlfriend which I love and which love and cherish, she is married they have a son. With this friend we work together, walking in the same company etc . we work With one […]

Along with her husband…

Words will be many. Along with her husband of 8.5 years. Son is 6.5 years. The child is loved and desired us. In these 8.5 years (married 7 years) have experienced. It was all UPS and downs. Relations began to sour 2.5 years ago. Husband completely ceased to communicate with me and be interested in. […]


. I’m old-fashioned. I’m old-fashioned. I think a man must take care of me – to ask if I was wearing a warm scarf and if I forgot to eat. I’m old-fashioned. if I meet a man – so I see him as my future husband and father their children. Yes, he should call me […]

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