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. Read your group constantly and decided to also write and read opinions from. I live with my in the divorce, together we 9 years. We have two . My husband works in the North, I long time worked at home. My income was enough to me for meals with the kids, husband pays kV charge, the garden and the school, the same classes of . I dressed myself, when I collected the money I earned. I also have a credit card, which my husband and I spent together. Now I am back at work officially and just after work, work at home, set a goal, I want the sea with the whole family. The husband has other plans, he wants the car. Credit card told me that I closed myself. We peacefully agreed on everything, before leaving the watch he brought me a fridge. The eldest daughter is leaving with his team for a competition in another city, my husband and I agreed that if I have difficulty with the money he will . And then came the moment I received the advance, and all gave in the first installment of a trip for a child, we lived with the children that I have earned at home. The RFP came in, it all need to pay the credit card. And the younger the torn sandals and it’s warm and the children in rubber boots and products ended, and I have no money. To whom shall I turn for , of course to her husband. I call and ask to find me some money for certain needs, what he says to me ml has no money, sort it out yourself. Of course, I got out, peresonal. But I have this hurt. I told him that I think his alimony, paid bills in the amount of 10 thousand and all the rest don’t care how we live here, generally in Fig. I explained to him that work daily for 15 hours and see the kids only when they kiss before bedtime. I find it hard and I’m very tired, what would you like to be in his place, worked for 8 hours, fed you, and lie down and rest. Now comes another advance and do I have to pay for a trip 2 the premium and the SN will come to pay a credit card and I owe money took. Save even food to get out, and he is now upset at me, not talking for 3 weeks and he even said that they would come home with a watch to get my own housing. Said that I need only money and when he never gave them to me, it was a test. And I just don’t understand what the hell is check, you’re not 15 years old, you’re a grown .
Here help me with advice, am I really such oherevshih don’t understand how he there is hard. To be honest I don’t guilty, I just left in the lurch

Strictly. I’m…

Strictly. Guys, please advise. I do not know what to do. I’m 41, 43 civilian husband. We have two cars, I have seven, his fourteenth. My car’s in the fall won’t start ( can be done), I drive one at a time). I have long dreamed about the car. Last year, my brother promised me […]

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)) Hello I have this situation: married for 2 years, together 3 years, no children yet, in the first year it was gorgeous sex in the sea etc, and now about 2 months husband can’t find work, the family I work alone. The problem is that I don’t want sex at all with him and […]

Hello. Please, publish.

Maybe not the topic, but I will say. Often see here, as your troubles, blame the parents. I will be 22,living with a guy, and you know what? He’s got parents, and I don’t have! I lived a whole life without parents, a grandmother, an alcoholic that is with 8 years kicked me out of […]

Hello, I bought…

Hello, my husband and I bought beer and rolls. Eating me and then at the end says ( I thought you eat less).. then started Yes, I’m joking, and so on. I wonder it is normal jokes? Something think it’s PI*Dec. The extra weight I don’t suffer to me to say that.

) will tell a prehistory,…

) will tell a prehistory, wrote days ago Nacatl post that you want to meet up with ex-boyfriend, being married, not for infidelity to self-esteem! shit I have been reading 😂 but there were adequate comments. Met, talked, it was very nice and nostalgia was, and even thought there was zagnuts, trahnutsya etc, adult men […]


🆘CHEATING OR NOT???! Urgent post my post!!! A question for girls and women with Boyfriends/husbands. Need your help. How to bring husband to clean water?! The campaign modifies or prepares. The corner of my eye I saw SMS in matsapa some hearts and smiley lovers as lay next until he was looking through a list […]

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