. My husband and I…

. My 20 . Have adult . Family always, as it seemed to me, was . The last 5 years he zarabotki in another city. Arrives in 2 days. A couple of weeks ago I was in another city he had an affair. The was not serious. So my husband helped her to attach some savings (her) interest, and each month that she received. Toggo after they broke up, she began to ask him to return this round sum. But firm husband collapsed and her money was burned. Now when they split up, she called me. They say that I am the former mistress of your husband, to your pet to returned the money. This is generally the norm? To call his wife and say, Yes, I slept with him, but affect him or her, he owes me. , what would you do in my place? Knew about the mistress and would have returned her money from the family?

. Married, children…

. Married, no children. Together 3. 5 years. Married for almost a year. And after registering it all began to deteriorate rapidly. My husband razezdnoy work, the house was from 4 to 11 may this time. Every day drinking vodka almost every day in the morning, did not want to talk, to find out the […]

🙏🏼Hello) like…

🙏🏼Hello) how would react if a man called another “hare”? All is well in the relationship, but he has a friend, hostess work, hung on all the men (told me that all his friends and other men hugs, kisses, with all the good deals). Often calling it a “no call, doesn’t write, got another job, […]


Meet 9 months later , 6 made the proposal, I agreed , but further development was not followed( dates/ statements etc.) live separately . For both it is the second marriage , I have a child from a previous and he has 2 . When leaving to the children (he from another city) only letters […]

. Girl….

. Girl. Going the second time married(madly in love with her blessed), and also has a child from his first marriage. Current husband loves like his own child. Love, understanding, trust, great sex and all things… well, everything! Well, everything I dreamed of in the first failed marriage. The first marriage was loans, endless booze, […]

Hello dear, Hello dear …

, I never thought that I will write here, now it’s time means. Met wife 2014, worked in a café as a waitress, asked for the phone number she wrote on a napkin. After correspondence via SMS once said that she has a child, I didn’t mind, so began our relationship. I worked and studied […]

Want to

Want to ask others, does it happen at all. Married 4 years, have a child. Husband is the best in all plans, but I like crazy another man. We met each other a year before the wedding (husband and I dated 4 years before marriage). With this, another, another, he is opposite to her husband, […]

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