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, make sure you: ) the fact that a few ago a told me that like me, we parted. Then a couple weeks later, met again at his initiative, he is now a few times since then, seemingly as an afterthought, I said, “I you. ” The question is more for men, for women, this logic does not , how it to , let alone respond? P. S. She did not react, because since the reunification refer to this as a mutually beneficial partnership. Thank you!

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please . Read your group constantly and decided to also write and read opinions from. I live with my husband in the divorce, together we 9 years. We have two children. My husband works in the North, I long time worked at home. My income was enough to me for meals with the kids, husband […]

! Together 7 years…

! Together 7 years, married and has a child. There are moments like when fighting and even in conversation, my husband calls me the last words, I would get very offended, because I know how to keep their emotions in check, saying that if this continues, then it comes to divorce as it is to […]

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🔥 Mirror – DVR 10 in 1 📦 A big help when Parking 📦 Built-in navigation and the Internet 📦 Download any apps and movies 🚀 Quick delivery to Russia and CIS. 📌 Payment on delivery after a sacrifice of fowl.|leaving the|a|using} full scan! To order from stock: ➡

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. Obtaining read the posts, wives know: you think to check his telephone? ))) no, have a key chat with a term associated with one minute, for example))) the husband does not remember your own personal phone, but the number of your personal sublunary memorized and entered it to create a secret chat))) they write […]

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… please. Don’t even know where to start. Married. Have children. But no sex! Half a year with my husband not sleeping! He was tired, tired again. Working two jobs (I am thankful that I have the opportunity to sit in the decree and not to rush to work). But I’m a full-fledged living person. […]

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Want to ask others, does it happen at all. Married 4 years, have a child. Husband is the best in all plans, but I like crazy another man. We met each other a year before the wedding (husband and I dated 4 years before marriage). With this, another, another, he is opposite to her husband, […]

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