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that in such a , you want to have read have have possess Well, first of all! Stop such questions in these pages, like “men”. Well, no men here, only suckers that are sitting in women’s public and crusies with women. To go to the page which you can see, either fake, or a freak with flabby body, and with 10 children attention do not pay! Normal men work in caring for the family, favorite thing, but nicknames do not hang out here😄 Second! In front of me a dozen examples when ladies got for the second time with 1 and with 2 children. And I tell you, for the very good men. My , mom came out a second time married with a baby and two sons gave birth to my father-in-law. And they lived all of his life, worthily and well. She took care of the house, the kids, and it worked and all brought into the family. And madly loved her. My friend lived with her , bore him two daughters, and he left her, just tired of the children’s screams and liability, so it is with young , now married and the new husband, and her plus daughters. And such examples mass. I never in my life from men not heard of such statements, except as in this forum. Third! If the man is normal and he understands that he is not ready to meet a girl with children, he is either honest about it or will not even communicate. This does not mean that it is bad, it means he’s honest with you and not just want to use it. And the primates screaming nasty things and insults, besides sitting on the women’s forums, with a 100% guarantee defective muzichenko, which are possibly chmorili whole life and they’re trying to establish themselves, or really life in them so the bottom what else to do. Well, do you ever see in your life, provided to men who earn good money, have money, business, favourite hobby, a beautiful wife, children, sit and shit with , female general public! Have you seen these?! I’m not one!!! So , make conclusions and do not ask here answer is “men”!!! Men in these groups do not sit! And the fourth! The presence or absence of children makes simply no warranty that you will not run into the asshole. You may not have got any , to meet a man, marry him, and then he will be the last beast. All were once without kids and everyone thought that her spouse would one and for all, that’s just not always the case. Again, there is no guarantee that you will not meet a dick with no children. Or meet a real man, when you have children. All good ! 😊Love yourself and then you will meet your very real and dear people!

. My mother died, she was…

. My mother died, was sick for 2 months. Now it turned out that dad had an affair with a woman during the mother’s illness, after 2 months she became to live. How would you react to her and to him if he knew about it?

women of the public,

 women of the public, it is interesting to hear opinions from your female side.What if classic sex with his wife is completely absent? The problem is that I stupidly could not get into it…it hurts. Despite the fact that it is wet, I could not enter. And so we suffer the sixth year of Dating(married […]

married almost…

My husband married almost 3 years. You have a baby of 6 months. The whole situation is that I don’t feel anything of him at all. At the moment he works in another city. We lived without it for 3 months and then a miracle happened. He took us to his!!!! It has been hell!!!! […]

My grandmother and grandfather together for more than 40…

My grandmother and grandfather together for more than 40 years. And why do they live in the world? Take care of each other, from worry, enjoy life, relax. Just imagine – 40 years. Grandma was in the hospital with a serious illness, so the grandfather to her around 2 times a day and is very […]

Want to create warmth…

Wish to create warmth and comfort at home? 🏡 Photo frames handmade – great idea😍 With our products you can diversify any interior and fill the empty walls😉 More than 1, 000 ideas you can find in our group 👉

Hello. Please, publish.

Maybe not the topic, but I will say. Often see here, as your troubles, blame the parents. I will be 22,living with a guy, and you know what? He’s got parents, and I don’t have! I lived a whole life without parents, a grandmother, an alcoholic that is with 8 years kicked me out of […]

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