Anonymous, please….

, . Read this group, watching some friends. Because of this, the question arose. How some people give birth to multiple with the same level of earnings, which is barely enough for one? My and I live in the regional center (Moscow), my recently changed jobs, so now we have a little financial difficulty – earnings family about 90 thousand a month. However , I see a few families with earnings of less than 2 times, give delivery to the second, then a third . Explain to me how it is? How to close your needs and the needs of the (even elementary no frills – clothing, food, garden, school, sections, entertainment)? Thanks for the answers! )

Favorite theme of betrayal….

Favorite theme of betrayal. As soon as I see such posts, I want to speak out, then change your mind. Now decided. Probably because I have hands and legs FOR the preservation of the family. And not for the sake of the children and other things. But because if people want to be together, they […]


🆘CHEATING OR NOT???! Urgent post my post!!! A question for girls and women with Boyfriends/husbands. Need your help. How to bring husband to clean water?! The campaign modifies or prepares. The corner of my eye I saw SMS in matsapa some hearts and smiley lovers as lay next until he was looking through a list […]

Anon. I’m the girl who wrote the year…

anon. I’m the girl that wrote a year ago in the hospital for saving at 7 months and my husband suggested that mzhm. I wrote in tears here. Came home gave rise to a scandal. He said that the more the subject will not lift. What parnuhi revised and imagining things. I decided that maybe […]

with please….

with please. Live with my husband of 11 years has a son and a son from his first marriage. Last year he began to break on older with or without. We have reached the point that the child began at him throwing fists. Then two months of not talking. Two weeks ago, again, a scandal, […]

listen to the opinion…

♀Want to talk to, to listen to a second opinion. I am 19 years old and I’m pregnant. About to be born son, but my boyfriend is a drug addict. He cheats all the time, brings to tears and tantrums, leaves and disappears for a few hours. For pregnancy two times I was in the […]

Asking anonymously. Married for more than 5…

Asking anonymously. Married for more than 5 years. No children. I’m a girl cute and take care of themselves.My husband often goes on business trips. I hope that this time will be able to recover, but it was not there! He is constantly watching me ( via phone, etc.) and hysteria. Three times a day, […]

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