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. I like it to be. for 10 . There is a . Us under 30. wants having fun and hanging out, is not engaged at all. We irritated. Aret me nervous. It so that the last two years, I constantly go to hospitals can’t diagnose, the husband was granted a support of zero. Only financial gave money. The diagnosis put, treatment was appointed. Was cheating 4 years ago, left, forgave back. After he left I was diagnosed with cancer, has been treated in Moscow, now in remission, said nerves. But my husband is another thing. He and his friends having fun and wants to eat all chemistry LSD, amphetamine. I’m in a tantrum, he do not care, waste from this muck for a few days, drinking, eating pills by packs, yells at us. I want to file for divorce, I’m tired to live like that. Conversations with him, it was no use, he wants to get high. Klnechno with all its moving, it manages to work. The house can not sleep, can send me to hell, to call. I don’t know what to do next. Came to another city all together, the to be tested, and he friends at once. The time didn’t want to spend, she called him to walk and walks away from another ecstasy. To my questions, said I’m not sick, I’ll stop. How to live further?!?

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with such detailed information on how each can learn to do neat hairstyles for all occasions💃


. I’m old-fashioned. I’m old-fashioned. I think a man must take care of me – to ask if I was wearing a warm scarf and if I forgot to eat. I’m old-fashioned. if I meet a man – so I see him as my future husband and father their children. Yes, he should call me […]

please ….

please . Read your group constantly and decided to also write and read opinions from. I live with my husband in the divorce, together we 9 years. We have two children. My husband works in the North, I long time worked at home. My income was enough to me for meals with the kids, husband […]

To give or…

Really want to raise the topic To give or not to give, that is the question. After going through two pregnancies in a row, I closely encountered this. Doctors put a strict ban on sex, both pregnancies were hard, and without restrictions was corny it hurts. Occasional bursts of hormones gave to her husband to […]

. My…

. My loved one soon to be born child. From the other girls. We’re divorced, but continued to chat and meet. In March I found out about this girl that she is expecting a baby, but he said that living with her is not going to. I have forgiven him. Very much in love. Daughter […]

Girls in this… Girls

that in such a situation, you want to have read have have possess Well, first of all! Stop asking such questions in these pages, like “men”. Well, no men here, only suckers that are sitting in women’s public and crusies with women. To go to the page which you can see, either fake, or a […]

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