My score was -15…

My score -15 kg! It’s flowers in comparison with some , but it’s brought me enormous gratification, left inferiority complex! And the attitude of the wife is simply indescribable, he is proud of me and not enough, and when you to get me compliments… ))

I like it to be.

I like it to be. Married for 2 years. Son of 1.10. I’m 30, husband is 27. When I got pregnant the thought of abortion was not even. Child me desired and long awaited. The husband said, want to be a dad. It is also said that son will not leave under any circumstances. He […]

please… please I

I am the last beast!!! My story, as old as the world, but I will share. We are quite a successful person, your business. Was married, two wonderful daughters. All no matter what, but his wife was not understanding. Strife was not, I am generally calm, to me is extremely difficult. But the negativity from […]

Want to create warmth…

Wish to create warmth and comfort at home? 🏡 Photo frames handmade – great idea😍 With our products you can diversify any interior and fill the empty walls😉 More than 1, 000 ideas you can find in our group 👉

My grandmother and grandfather together for more than 40…

My grandmother and grandfather together for more than 40 years. And why do they live in the world? Take care of each other, from worry, enjoy life, relax. Just imagine – 40 years. Grandma was in the hospital with a serious illness, so the grandfather to her around 2 times a day and is very […]

Hello. I would like… Hello

. I would like to ask the women how you feel about the fact that your husband watches porn, and with the participation of specific people. How do you handle it when he saw know? Maybe I’m overreacting, I was very worried and not nice. Don’t know how to treat and behave. Just the idea […]

is constantly…

Married with a daughter.Lived in Russia permanently in a rented apartment, when there was Finance, the husband began to make the brain to me.Brought to the vibrating conveyor.And go to work and I will be with my daughter,and I’m tired and all in this spirit.I took some courses, learned how to earn money while sitting […]

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