Can not… Can not

, the huge request to ! Often read this group, and know the same at every step🤦♂ app – He hits me He does – He’s cheating.. WHAT DO I DO?? But damn, my e, why you complicate things, the answer is obvious!!! NEED MY ASS TO PICK UP AND GO! Well, not to change people, don’t sit and wait for the sea weather, what if? of the sort will not, YOU are in a fairy tale! Do a better, self-development, sports, be self-sufficient and whole people, believe me, if You with yourself, tomorrow You will have the life You only dream of! So good luck, don’t get discouraged, everything will be FINE!! 🔥

Madly in love with his colleague….

in love with his colleague. Knew that he was married, because for a long time trying to reject his feelings. However, after joint drinking (friends) found out I was from the first day we met him pretty. The rest of the evening could not believe his words, and believed that in the morning he will […]

. The husband does not come…

. Husband doesn’t come home for two days, left the house for subjects. Tell me dear ladies, how to be in this situation ((((

to hear your opinion….

My mother in law went to an apartment in the inheritance, is the former spouse and the marital housing though a mortgage. She is now married for the second time. ., Away from the essence. In the 16th year we went to her father, to care for him at her request well, and like for […]

I’m raising…

I am 28 years old,I have a son (with the father of the child is not supported by the communication and assistance either) and I have recently learned that he has autistic traits (autism),I always suspected a possible diagnosis,but was hoping it was only a manifestation of the individual characteristics as distinct symptoms there is […]

No one was taken…

no One took me. And do not hang anyone. In short, it was my neighbor) in the summer we decided to watch football… Well, and began to constantly communicate, be friends) She got pregnant and stopped drinking, we began the three of us usually sit. Or I she plus her husband, or her husband and […]

! Living with…

! I live with my husband of 2 years has a son of 10 months. I am 23 and he is older than me by 7 years. Married unspoiled. I am a girl beautiful, slim, working in the profession. The husband always treated with respect. Believer. The post holds. All of his friends and relatives […]

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