Hello! please!…

! ! In the autumn of 18 years my wife started to communicate very closely with a colleague (male of course). And very carefully covered.. I Learned all about at the end of February this year. She called and said that we should break up, I don’t for you , just talked about his colleague and vowed that any further communication did not go.. And we have a daughter, 5 years old, and together we have about 10 years.. He work as a watch in the North, after hearing from her, everything collapsed.. And of course the first flight back home.. we Came, we talked, all laid out on shelves. It was said that the devil made me do it that they with a colleague stopped to chat. Swore in , and promised that it will not happen again.. For two weeks I stayed at home and went back upon watch, everything seems to be fine.. But on the other hand there was a Deposit plus distrust of her, and all the time it seems as if she communicates again with another ..

with please….

with please. Live with my husband of 11 years has a son and a son from his first marriage. Last year he began to break on older with or without. We have reached the point that the child began at him throwing fists. Then two months of not talking. Two weeks ago, again, a scandal, […]

please. Even

… please. Don’t even know where to start. Married. Have children. But no sex! Half a year with my husband not sleeping! He was tired, tired again. Working two jobs (I am thankful that I have the opportunity to sit in the decree and not to rush to work). But I’m a full-fledged living person. […]

Please! ))…

Please! )) Actually my husband lived for 3. 5 years. Always knew he’s a Walker, we have known for over 7 years. But it so happened that in General we married. Marriage periodically bursting at the seams. I always forgive him and always be faithful to him. In my opinion it is because of this […]

cheating on my husband already…

I am married 7 years my husband is already cheating three years the husband had a month left on a business trip,is now living in his house with his brother and mother-in-law,a situation happened ,probably I was not ready,always encrypted but slept really stupid place (((borrowed from his brother the charger from the phone and […]

Stopped loving husband.

There is no other, yeah and if will be not soon. Her husband left their hometown (their homes, inherited, rent would not, as only the repairs done and furniture has changed) left, and that he was not comfortable. Was just wanted to be closer to friends, drinking buddies, with whom you can relax (by the […]

. Divorced…

. Divorced less than a year ago. He had another. How does all this go? I changed the hairstyle and clothing style, and people go out more often and became. Nothing to distract you. Lost weight, decreased efficiency, and in General lost the desire to something to strive for. How to return yourself? Have no […]

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