Hello! please!…

! ! In the autumn of 18 my wife started to communicate very closely with a colleague (male of course). And very carefully covered.. I Learned all about at the end of February this year. She called and said that we should break up, I don’t feel for you , just talked about his colleague and vowed that any further communication did not go.. And we have a daughter, 5 years old, and together we have about 10 years.. He work as a watch in the North, after hearing from her, everything collapsed.. And of course the first flight back home.. we Came, we talked, all laid out on shelves. It was said that the devil made me do it that they with a colleague to chat. Swore in , and promised that it will not happen again.. For two weeks I stayed at home and went back upon watch, everything seems to be fine.. But on the other hand there was a Deposit plus distrust of her, and all the time it seems as if she communicates again with another man..

. Married…

. Married 5 years. Have a child 3 years. My husband is bad. Live separately, his life and my life flows parallel. Sometimes shows interest, the sex became rare, he says nothing at all. Nothing divided. When you want to talk – fuck you says calls me. There is nothing to do. Sitting at the […]

Cheese quesadilla with chicken and ham …

cheese quesadillas with chicken and ham What to do if you want to eat, but do not want to stand long at the stove? Read below indecently delicious recipe and cook quickly with Hochland cheese for hot dishes! Cheese quesadilla with chicken and ham Ingredients: Tortilla — 2 PCs Garlic sauce — 100 g Olive […]

Madly in love with his colleague….

in love with his colleague. Knew that he was married, because for a long time trying to reject his feelings. However, after joint drinking (friends) found out I was from the first day we met him pretty. The rest of the evening could not believe his words, and believed that in the morning he will […]

husband is 28….

I’m 23, husband is 28. Two children pogodak, Jr. in the garden doesn’t go. My husband gets 70T.R loans and no debts. I have my own business which brings about 150t.R clean. Of these, 50t.R goes about a nanny/housekeeper because I don’t want to do household chores and can afford to delegate these duties, the […]

Divorced from her husband. Coveted athlete…cocky, arrogant,…

Divorced. Coveted athlete…cocky, arrogant, debauched. Yes, and the person did not. Okay found a decent, beautiful. I would maybe understand. Though one hell. We lived 10 years together, the daughter is. I had everything: money, job, husband, regular sex, Saint-Petersburg. Very attached to her husband’s parents, they have to be so cool. I don’t have […]

Favorite theme of betrayal….

Favorite theme of betrayal. As soon as I see such posts, I want to speak out, then change your mind. Now decided. Probably because I have hands and legs FOR the preservation of the family. And not for the sake of the children and other things. But because if people want to be together, they […]

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