Don’t understand what’s happening to me…live…

Don’t what’s happening to me…I live with my , soon to be a , a very wanted , it and me too. Before pregnancy fun 55 kg, no stretch marks, could spend hours looking at myself in the mirror, and now I’m starting to envy the young who have a slim figure and not one stretch (by the way I’m 21, husband is 25),

8 of pregnancy, gained 25 kg, there were stretch marks on the thighs, clothing, each time becoming a little, even to buy new there is no desire. Husband on the other is not looking, says wanted to spit on the stretch, the fullness, loves me very much, and I hate to look at myself in the mirror.

I understood that pregnancy does not occurs without change, but jealousy can do😔😔😔All these skinny, beautiful, slim.

. Possessing read the posts,…

. Obtaining read the posts, wives know: you think to check his telephone? ))) no, have a key chat with a term associated with one minute, for example))) the husband does not remember your own personal phone, but the number of your personal sublunary memorized and entered it to create a secret chat))) they write […]

to hear your opinion….

My mother in law went to an apartment in the inheritance, is the former spouse and the marital housing though a mortgage. She is now married for the second time. ., Away from the essence. In the 16th year we went to her father, to care for him at her request well, and like for […]

There are a lot of people

There are very many Express their negativity and failures, and I want to share my personal utopia. My husband and 2 years married. Daughter 4 years. Feared that after the official marriage my husband change, and not for the better. But who would have thought that there anyway. Husband gold. We have partnerships. He is […]

please. Girls…

please. Girls don’t know how to be, I’m a housewife, now studying the question of how to get pregnant, I have endometriosis, 4 years, and it turned out that the cyst on the last ovary, trying to get a quote on eco, I’m 29, husband is 41, he was not married before and no children. […]

please. Hello,…

please. Hello, tell me how to overcome this double betrayal? My husband married 7 years. A friend and I were talking 30 years, since childhood, in the end, this friend stole her husband. She’s divorced, men are changing as gloves, and because of what her husband left, maybe two at a time to meet. And […]

married almost…

My husband married almost 3 years. You have a baby of 6 months. The whole situation is that I don’t feel anything of him at all. At the moment he works in another city. We lived without it for 3 months and then a miracle happened. He took us to his!!!! It has been hell!!!! […]

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