cheating on my husband already…

I am married 7 my is cheating three years the had a month left on a business trip,is now living in his house with his brother and -in-law,a situation ,probably I was not ready,always encrypted but slept really stupid place (((borrowed from his brother the charger from the phone and here it is with the work of the night went to my room to pick up ,

remember I Wake up(dunno how) and see how the brother leaned over to my phone ,remember that the screen was glowing, I pulled out the charger and gave it a on the screen 4 a text from BJ ,with his full name and message (the Message was simple ,communication ),and that it’s been a week from now but he is still my husband has not told , with her mother in law before, and just not had a good , now hardly speak,brother! true ,(my car takes to wash ,gave money pocket) today only brother asked why so many sit in the room(and sly smiles),this silence is making me nervous,I do not understand he saw or not ,

or I woke up on time and he did not,why silent, or waiting for when her husband arrives then tell the cold war is killing me , I don’t know how to behave,take a visit their,don’t know what to do,girls give 🙏🏻❤P. S Liu all relationships severed, from home I hardly ever go out,if I go somewhere only with .

please… please I

I am the last beast!!! My story, as old as the world, but I will share. We are quite a successful person, your business. Was married, two wonderful daughters. All no matter what, but his wife was not understanding. Strife was not, I am generally calm, to me is extremely difficult. But the negativity from […]

. Girl….

. Girl. Going the second time married(madly in love with her blessed), and also has a child from his first marriage. Current husband loves like his own child. Love, understanding, trust, great sex and all things… well, everything! Well, everything I dreamed of in the first failed marriage. The first marriage was loans, endless booze, […]


pliz. Girls are such a problem give advice. My husband the quick draw, if the act lasts 10 minutes, this is considered incredibly lucky. He is very worried because of this (namely, that I do not have time and remain not destiny) and I was not cool only rasslabitsya will begin to enjoy and it […]


🆘CHEATING OR NOT???! Urgent post my post!!! A question for girls and women with Boyfriends/husbands. Need your help. How to bring husband to clean water?! The campaign modifies or prepares. The corner of my eye I saw SMS in matsapa some hearts and smiley lovers as lay next until he was looking through a list […]

Post on very…

Article on a very intimate topic… so please STRICTLY ANONYMOUS. Read your group has long… and sometimes I marvel at girls… well, how so??? Why do you put such a framework for men in terms of sex? If the husband or m. h. requests oral or anal sex you think it’s FU FU FU. Then […]

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