It so happened that I lived with…

It so that I lived with my 7 and we divorced with my .

Terrible depression, failed relationships after that.. And my ex-husband

starts Dating

a divorced woman, too, with the child. And I was somehow finds her ex-husband, asks me to get his wife back. Well, long story short we began a with him. Turns out as changed men, but it happened purely by chance. I knew they broke up because of infidelity and his addiction to alcohol. Thought to me this will not happen. Now kicked him out for fooling around on the side twists.

I fell in like a fool, I want that changed, but these don’t change. What to do, I don’t know. Where to find a normal guy?Can’t be alone, depression sets in…

Guys, I…

Guys, I don’t know what to do with a favorite from different cities, apartments, we only have parents, that is, me or his mother to live with him or my family that is not an option we are no longer children (he already came to me lived with our parents, yeah, it’s terrible,,, not to […]

I like it to be.

I like it to be. Married for 2 years. Son of 1.10. I’m 30, husband is 27. When I got pregnant the thought of abortion was not even. Child me desired and long awaited. The husband said, want to be a dad. It is also said that son will not leave under any circumstances. He […]

Anon. Can one go back? And…

Anon. Can one go back? And can we start over? Three years in perfect harmony. Without scandals and lies. Very good,kind, noble people. Perfect. Said he was abruptly released and he feels me his girlfriend. Says I’m his childhood friend, nothing more. And there’s nothing he can do about it. A clear answer likes or […]

! Living with…

! I live with my husband of 2 years has a son of 10 months. I am 23 and he is older than me by 7 years. Married unspoiled. I am a girl beautiful, slim, working in the profession. The husband always treated with respect. Believer. The post holds. All of his friends and relatives […]

Anonymously please
Good day! Please advice, can anyone…

Anonymously pojaluisto day! Please advice, can someone faced, a happy marriage of 3.5 years, have been through a lot, beginning with 0, without someone’s help achieved a lot, my husband grew up with me out of the operator became chief, now plans to move to another city, improving, but like a bolt from the sky […]

women of the public,

 women of the public, it is interesting to hear opinions from your female side.What if classic sex with his wife is completely absent? The problem is that I stupidly could not get into it…it hurts. Despite the fact that it is wet, I could not enter. And so we suffer the sixth year of Dating(married […]

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