women of the public,

 women of the public, it is interesting to opinions from your female side.What if classic sex with his wife is completely absent? The problem is that I stupidly could not get into it…it hurts. Despite the fact that it is wet, I could not enter. And so we suffer the sixth year of Dating( about 7 ). For several (since 2014) never tried to have vaginal sex, only hands to each other meet a couple times a month. Because she has a fear of penetration.

After the wedding, too, only hands and I drive there a member from the , without intrusion. She likes it when I drive on . But I really got bored. Also got bored to be satisfied in the bathroom watching porn. Talking to her on the subject, helps. There are two answers: either “Yes, I know it’s strange, this worries me too”, or just avoiding the topic. Away any initiative even in terms of “hands to fondle each other,” no. Only Blowjob does occasionally, and then only so that I do not adhere to it. To drag her to a sex therapist or get a divorce? In the rest of the plan all right. No at home actively her, all the earnings are home. It does not work, ends Institute.

A young couple, she is 21, I’m 24. The left do not go, not go, but, honestly, looking…because like any I want normal sex and I think that in a couple does not need to “beg” to have sex your second half. Can throw a Shoe at me and call “deer” that I married, not having sex in a relationship, once thought that without sex you can be in a relationship, but living together without sex it turned out that it is not so…

. Tell me how…

. I like it to be. Married for 10 years. There is a child. Us under 30. Husband wants having fun and hanging out, baby is not engaged at all. We irritated. Aret me nervous. It so happened that the last two years, I constantly go to hospitals can’t diagnose, the husband was granted a […]


Yesterday decided to leave her husband, which the bun-pinky. The relationship lasted 4 years, there were good moments and bad. I helped him in everything, supported. Some of the things they closed their eyes, some overreacted. And swearing and put up like everyone else. But the last straw was his dismissive attitude to me.We had […]

listen to the opinion…

♀Want to talk to, to listen to a second opinion. I am 19 years old and I’m pregnant. About to be born son, but my boyfriend is a drug addict. He cheats all the time, brings to tears and tantrums, leaves and disappears for a few hours. For pregnancy two times I was in the […]

do not pay attention to…

Please do not pay attention to errors)))) This story happened to me long ago, I made my choice and it happened as it happened! Don’t regret anything!More to the point!Met a girl, took a room in the mortgage, she got pregnant, I was persuaded to obort (not pulled I three and a mortgage). Then the […]

My husband is a pervert. He often watches porn….

My husband is a pervert. He often watches porn. I don’t mind of course, since watching it, I think that is it. But! He’s trying to do with me. Don’t mean to be a prude in this matter, but sometimes you want regular sex 2-3 poses. Not permanent, anal, swallowing his sperm, from which I […]

Stopped loving husband.

There is no other, yeah and if will be not soon. Her husband left their hometown (their homes, inherited, rent would not, as only the repairs done and furniture has changed) left, and that he was not comfortable. Was just wanted to be closer to friends, drinking buddies, with whom you can relax (by the […]

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