lived there for 8 years….

My lived there for 8 . Question: nafig I have suffered so much? He is older than me for 5 . Thought super, !, support in the family, and I purely support. figure! Lived in a regional city. The apartment was rented. All of his friends have bought one apartment who room. I waited and waited and hoped for him. Got pregnant. I had to go back to the village to parents. Found a job. He continued to sit at the computer and drink with friends. Quit my job, interrupting the bride-price. for a month or two went to other cities to do massage( I do not know whom more: the or their mamochkam ) .

I tried to be indignant. he with her in law began the silent type, money. the last 3 years, travel became less frequent, all sitting behind a computer. Lived in a private house, the work is complete, and he doesn’t care. Took a leadership position, lived on the work, I was better there than at home. When was pregnant with the second, I realized that to live with her husband coming to an end. Moved in with my mom. So it turned out. that job had to go.

Summary: pregnant with a small ( 4 years older). Before the birth worked in taxi driver, fortunately the car managed to buy. It didn’t either cubic meters of money. Birth. 3 days later received a text message : “thank you for my !” . when he asked for money for diapers, gave 2000. was found., recorded on yourself.When the youngest was 2 month filed for child support and for its contents while in the decree. A few later filed for divorce. He left work, came to the exchange. Alimony comes out of 1400 children per month. He continues unofficially to massage. Consulted with lawyers: the exchange not to remove, not make work, and the fact that no revenue official has yet to be proved right. Bailiffs do not care, are engaged in formal replies. Mother-in-law is a separate issue.

Of course I’m the bad guy, and her son the best. But after 4 months have not seen grandchildren, lip bite, fell silent. Sometimes drive the children to visit her, sometimes he buys them things, sometimes the products list. Recently bought a house on the parent capital. Soon to go to work. He still can not calm down, does the SOC. networks, SMS, does not sell the home. Children he had not seen for more than a year, the younger generally only once.If not for my mother, I’m afraid I can’t handle.I’ve calmed down, survived. I hate it. The eldest son, rarely but still remembers it. It was a shame that so many years lived, and it is stupid to beat us.

I am now not afraid.

I am strong.

All what does not kill us makes us stronger.

Where I don’t have enough character, enough stubbornness.

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lived there for 8 years….

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