There are a lot of people

There are very many Express their negativity and failures, and I want to share my personal utopia. My and 2 . Daughter 4 . Feared that after the official marriage my change, and not for the better. But who would have thought that there anyway.

Husband gold.

We have partnerships. He is my shoulder all the difficulties and I try to keep up. And you know what is most important. He’s a wonderful father, a great teacher and just a friend. The secret of happiness is simple, trust and satisfaction of each other,even though it SMG or turnover. Have to go one way, on equal terms, only then peace is possible.

Of course we also fight, but quickly make up,because terminally ill each other?


please. Known my husband for 2. 5 years. Married 1 . 5 years. Before the wedding, he was a different person. Was better, much.. a week before the wedding found out he lied about age for a year was younger(not so scary). Mom said, think about it, but I emotions did for him.. his relatives […]

Seeing the shirt lying son basin…

Married with two children.Seeing the shirt lying son basin in the Laundry,mother-in-law NavigatorA that” for a husband to look after!”.Well,it’s an isolated case and I that’s all washed and ironed,mother-in-law is mother-in-law…. But I had the question:is the woman married to your Laundry for an adult man???Why also children who are really obliged to clean, […]

A breakthrough this year…

Breakthrough this year MATE 2O PRО with artificial intelligence Read more:

. Me…

. I can be called RSP (a divorcee with a trailer) I hate your trailer and dream that he is dead ))if I knew being alone with a child, do not hesitate to have an abortion done, but ex-husband never gave me this opportunity. We divorced because he entered the convent to unencumbered, the child […]

dear girls…

, dear girls and women, how do you feel about the fact that a man does sugaring, GB very interested in your opinion!!!

Read about…

Read about adultery, he did, 2 years living without sex, living from hand to mouth blowjobs hard, mentally very fond of her and don’t know what’s going on

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