Girls Oh how I need advice….

Oh how I need . The story is as follows. My and I along with childhood 12 of marriage +7 of a meet! 2 . 4 ago began kromeshny hell: he cheated, he admitted as Ethan and I forgave. But a year later and again the same rake….and then else further.

Each time came back like nothing had happened. Making me responsible and to blame for everything, they say soilm navsteva, give him no rest, kontrolerow him on Dating sites, I just don’t see a catch, even where it is not….and he openly says that makes all evil!!!!

“You fool changed tactics”in General the latest in recent conflicts, he once again walked away and told about the divorce. Of course I agreed….-in-law says everything will be cones will fill and come.His main complaint to me is and start to respect yourself!!!Girls like to be strong, to wipe out and erase it????!!! It can’t continue.

I exhausted! Know and all that!!!

But not for nothing do they say not too late it is not necessary!!!!!

I was in love with a married woman.

I was in love with a married woman.I loved,love and will love no matter what.We met at work.It all started like this:Cared for her,did I made it 6 months.In the end, she fell in love.And we loved each other very much.Our relationship of 3 years.And so it was that our relationship fell apart.I did not […]

lived there for 8 years….

My husband lived there for 8 years. Question: nafig I have suffered so much? He is older than me for 5 years. Thought super, man!, support in the family, and I purely support. figure! Lived in a regional city. The apartment was rented. All of his friends have already bought one apartment who room. I […]

please. Question…

please. Question for men, so expect comments from the men. How to behave and how to react if a man (38 years), who had plans with you in the coming year the wedding, during a minor quarrel name-calling you abnormal and disappears. Disappears. No longer call or write as early as 2 weeks. No, it […]

. I…

. Tell me is it possible to forgive cheating? And you’d be forgiven or not cheating? What would you do in a situation where your husband put up with a cheater but you’re not 100% sure about that?

Enter the message text……

Your message text…. There will be a lot of letters, maybe it will be a cry for help (to understand themselves ), or simply the cry of the soul.. Maybe someone is lucky in life but not me. Got pregnant at 17 years old, boyfriend left. Given birth to a child threw mother insisted on […]

. Maybe I…

. Maybe I’m wrong, but I decided to leave my husband. Why? Now tell. He’s not home, or rather coming in very late and leaving very early. Says it works, BUT no one in the family. I’m on maternity leave and while on the job can not get out. I wanted to go to a […]

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