Girls Oh how I need advice….

Girls Oh how I need . The story is as follows. My and I along with childhood 12 of marriage +7 of a meet! 2 . 4 ago began kromeshny hell: he cheated, he admitted as Ethan and I forgave. But a year later and again the same rake….and then else further.

Each time came back like had happened. Making me responsible and to blame for everything, they say soilm navsteva, give him no rest, kontrolerow him on Dating sites, I just don’t see a catch, even where it is not….and he openly says that makes all evil!!!!<21;in General the latest in recent conflicts, he once again walked away and told about the divorce. Of course I agreed….-in-law says everything will be cones will fill and come.His main complaint to me is and to respect yourself!!!Girls like to be strong, to wipe out and erase it????!!! It can’t continue.

I already exhausted! Know and all that!!!

But not for nothing do they say not too late it is not necessary!!!!!

))) Here often…

))) That’s often read about divorced women, with trailer. And Oh, how not true this expression) Because if you include the logic and think a little, woman, and child, is a solid, unified mechanism if you will, machine. Where the woman is the main and the child is well, the engine for example) the Trailer, […]

Hello, I bought…

Hello, my husband and I bought beer and rolls. Eating me and then at the end says ( I thought you eat less).. then started Yes, I’m joking, and so on. I wonder it is normal jokes? Something think it’s PI*Dec. The extra weight I don’t suffer to me to say that.

Guys tell all…

Men tell all who took a mortgage How you with it live? If to return time back, would have dared to take this step? My husband can’t decide on this task I’m afraid 😟 we have a baby 1 . 5 years

. My husband and I…

. My husband married 20 years. Have adult children. Family always, as it seemed to me, was perfect. The last 5 years he zarabotki in another city. Arrives in 2 days. A couple of weeks ago I was in another city he had an affair. The relationship was not serious. So my husband helped her […]

. Father-in-law constantly…

. Father in law is constantly calling my child from 1st marriage, a fly,a dog,a beast.Was able to give a hand (son 2 years).I’m not saying that my son live obedient,but not a Tomboy.He is a child and naturally want to run, and so on.Husband today the company and father-in-law on a fishing trip at […]

Want to

Want to ask others, does it happen at all. Married 4 years, have a child. Husband is the best in all plans, but I like crazy another man. We met each other a year before the wedding (husband and I dated 4 years before marriage). With this, another, another, he is opposite to her husband, […]

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