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Love this group and all its subscribers. I hope you can me. In high school I was very fond of his classmate. We were young in a serious with me he has not seen. In that moment, he just wanted to fuck. I refused him, because he knew that he still will not be with me. Then he said he’ll tell everyone what we had. And so I graduated with the stigma. By the way this wound wouldn’t let me and doesn’t let go until now. Then I dramatically lost weight, started Smoking, drinking, lost nights, always hanging around guys who I thought only wanted sex. I ceased to understand the relationships and just don’t let guys close.

Perhaps this is why I married a older than me by 10 . Sometimes I regret it, because you can choose age, if I just behaved differently. And now the repeated! At some point I lost the life of his family. It’s very obvious: not enough attention, are unable to cope with the , too hard work. Was a strong resentment at her . When asked her to embrace, to regret, to understand – came across a misunderstanding. Too many nights spent waiting for simple female happiness. The sex was 1-2 times a week and that I was offended. At that moment, I allowed to enter my life to him. Why? She still does not understand. We work together, everyone knows him as annoying and a drink, man. In appearance and character exactly like me and all others too. Still revolve around men and I could choose pretty, but looks aren’t everything.

As I saw him as a man as it seemed to me gentle and tender. He got it into his head that he’s different. And he spoke a lot of I wanted to hear from her husband. Every meeting we was drinking and it came down to the fact that I consciously had sex with him in his apartment while his wife and children were away. For this step I took a long time, each time asking the question do I need all this. By the way, Yes, it was all drunk.

Clarify that to my husband, I didn’t have anyone. Everything is relative, my husband’s is more suitable in terms of sex and I wouldn’t want to lose him. However, I can’t let go of the lover, awakened a feeling of possessiveness. Very affectionate by the way of the men it turned into just needing sex gigolo. The alcohol was mainly at my expense. And today he hurt me when I refused him. I really needed to go. Said a lot of rude words, he sent for the Mat that we are the fuckups break and while you have to get naked and enjoy. I just silently listened to all this. What happened in the shower at the moment just can not describe, I didn’t have a face.

It turns out him I just wanted sex and alcohol. Refused – piss off you then. I know that a very bad thing. By nature I’m very close to the heart perceive. I’m impatient and the whole situation I can always perceive differently. Besides, I never loved a man, I merge several feelings: hatred and tenderness. Interest in men arises when I move away. So can I now in this situation also, the first to a conversation, though I know the remorse in his eyes, I will not see. As all this is now to let go? How to forget everything? How to behave at work? I’m afraid that once again everyone will know. Really hate myself and now have to do something.

I saw in him a man with heart and soul? Trampled. I’d love you to help me, the words of the fool I have heard.

!!!!! Let…

!!!!! Please give good advice! Listen As men and women Married recently as two months My husband always wants me he needs 2 times a day, morning before and evening after work, but I can’t do I’m afraid apart 🤣😁😁me so often BUT do not want a husband like, say, how could now excuses over […]

Can you help? Live…

Help to understand. Living with my husband for 9 years, the child is two years. My husband can’t divorce, he’s a great father, makes good money, but I’m absolutely not looking. Six months ago, I wrote the guy to contact. Began to write. It was my boss feykovoy page. He is also married. We started […]

You can please? )))…

Possible please? ))) Want to know Council. Today I left my husband, who once again raised a hand to me, insulted, kicked out of the house. This is not the first time I forgave, thought corrected, but all to no purpose. In short the assistance and support came the godfather of my daughter (my husband’s […]

I was in love with a married woman.

I was in love with a married woman.I loved,love and will love no matter what.We met at work.It all started like this:Cared for her,did I made it 6 months.In the end, she fell in love.And we loved each other very much.Our relationship of 3 years.And so it was that our relationship fell apart.I did not […]

please. Very…

please. I really want to leave my husband. very young and small child. I have no relatives, alone. Married no longer want to live for the sake of the child. only stops one fact that will have your whole life in a rented apartment to live. Only this keeps. baby year just. Was thinking how […]

Married 7…

married 7 years, two children. I’m 30, husband 29. Works watch 3 year, before that, lived together in that city, where he is now. Recently, learn from my family that she overheard our husbands(both were drunk) even 2 years ago when I had just given birth to a second child. So , my husband admitted […]

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