You do?There was a girl…

What would You do?There’s a girl I like a of earlier in school days and after we met, were engaged to be . But when I go to College, she got . I’m a couple of years I was angry with her that she betrayed me. I got , but after a while I’m with her I made up. I’ve been , she’s . We met secretly. With his wife in the last year of living together started to argue and I began to meet his beloved school. I really wanted to, she gave birth to me, because in her life did not able to get pregnant. In the subconscious I knew that this was perhaps due to the fact that she dumped me.

At one point she offered to get pregnant with me. I agreed. In the end, she got pregnant and it so that I divorced with my wife. Also after the birth she separated from her . To her she said that it was not his . After that, we began to meet, but meet in secret so nobody knew, so she offered. We meet for three years, during this time, I made her an offer, she agreed to marry me. However, there are times we live apart, and when her guests arrive, she hides them from me, citing the fact that it is too early to know that we are together. On all of her holidays she hides me, that is to say that I was at home, and when guests go out, she calls me and tells me to come. However, the ex- for the holidays invites.

People tell me what can I do in this ???

Girls in this… Girls

that in such a situation, you want to have read have have possess Well, first of all! Stop asking such questions in these pages, like “men”. Well, no men here, only suckers that are sitting in women’s public and crusies with women. To go to the page which you can see, either fake, or a […]

Cute girl want…

Adorable girls want to speak up. Unfortunately on this occasion it nowhere else. I’m married. I work in a taxi. Today lucky client. A girl with a pretty face, beautiful eyes, great hair, a nice gentle voice. We had a conversation to the extent that YOU have moved on after 30 minutes of communication. We […]

please. Finally got…

, make sure you. Finally got the long-awaited proposal of marriage. But during the week the husband plans the bachelor party. His friends do not inspire confidence. Many singles (and a walk). Immediately warned that we would leave the night with them at a bar. Very worried that he will drink and go something is […]


, please. Married 2 . 5 years. Got married for the wrong reasons. I loved him of course , but quickly married would not have popped up. And he said that the next couple of years marriage and life together was not in his plans. The first year I tried to do everything to the […]

Guys, I…

Guys, I don’t know what to do with a favorite from different cities, apartments, we only have parents, that is, me or his mother to live with him or my family that is not an option we are no longer children (he already came to me lived with our parents, yeah, it’s terrible,,, not to […]

Girl… I’m 25…

Girls… I’m 25 I want to divorce her husband. Married 2 years, dated for 7 years, got a baby 1 . 5 But no … That’s really that’s all a dead end. Hate each other, he came to me with such malice applies, every day insults! “Scum is dumb, but when are you gonna die, […]

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