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To give or not to give, that is the question. After going through two pregnancies in a row, I closely encountered this. Doctors put a strict ban on sex, both pregnancies were hard, and without restrictions was corny it hurts. Occasional bursts of hormones gave to her to break away, but the key word here is RARE. In total 2 `hunger strike`. What I’m getting at… During this time, the problems of our bedroom became for the ears, my girlfriends, and the information leaked is not me. And here begins the most interesting. My ladies, after hearing complaints from the , starting to brainwash me, like it should, endure through the pain and so on. Why do I need to endure, to explain none were, the essence is to keep. To me this is quite untenable. I look like a piece of meat?

I have no right to renounce torture? For example, asked them to pick open the wound and poke a finger in there for a few minutes, none agreed, although it’s cheesy, compared to what they offer. I know that men mostly desire more and more than women, but I was willing to stay alone with two young class on hand, but would not go through this hell. While lying on sobraniyah had heard, too, women were ready to lose a , but the escaped. After the last birth it took 4 , the proximity improved, the husband survived, though, and was on the verge, chose family. Now the question is, darling, is it all that bad? That pleasuring a man in detriment, it is the norm? Is deaf the middle ages have not ceased in our time? And here the question is not only about the pregnancy, because the advice about be patient, I heard from the childless…..

Oh not for that, Zetkin fought for ….

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Maybe not the topic, but I will say. Often see here, as your troubles, blame the parents. I will be 22,living with a guy, and you know what? He’s got parents, and I don’t have! I lived a whole life without parents, a grandmother, an alcoholic that is with 8 years kicked me out of […]

))) Here often…

))) That’s often read about divorced women, with trailer. And Oh, how not true this expression) Because if you include the logic and think a little, woman, and child, is a solid, unified mechanism if you will, machine. Where the woman is the main and the child is well, the engine for example) the Trailer, […]

Don’t kill the machine! 😎…

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give, please,…

, lay out, please. Tell me what to believe or not to believe her husband? It does not work and says that sitting at home, but once we get in his car – the rear mats are always dirty even after I wash them(there’s usually no one sitting). I suspect that he is somewhere ezdiet […]

. Married, children…

. Married, no children. Together 3. 5 years. Married for almost a year. And after registering it all began to deteriorate rapidly. My husband razezdnoy work, the house was from 4 to 11 may this time. Every day drinking vodka almost every day in the morning, did not want to talk, to find out the […]

the opinion from the outside

Want to know the opinion from the outside. My husband and not so long married. I moved in with him from another town,leaving everything behind in his,when he’s talking about moving,he didn’t want to move,so I took a chance. I didn’t know what his family. Father drinks,mother potions in the credits,and constantly asks for help […]

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