Pregnant wife…

Pregnant wife wants to attend the birth.I explained that a normal guy there is to do,but she does not want to ,say, a friend gives birth and her is now even more appreciate and . Here we rested and all.

Recently my husband and friend went fishing,I decided to ask what it’s like to give birth together .Not at all surprised at the response,said that the wife really started to appreciate and respect, but as a woman she is now does not suit him, not attracted to ,although her figure did so ,in General ,lost all desire for her.But my wife nothing about it said ,so as not to offend,so she goes and advises everyone that it’s cool that it brings people together… the women, you do what the hell you need?

Our mothers and grandmothers somehow got along without it, and now came up with the fashion called .In short,let go the fool to explain what was happening

cheating on my husband already…

I am married 7 years my husband is already cheating three years the husband had a month left on a business trip,is now living in his house with his brother and mother-in-law,a situation happened ,probably I was not ready,always encrypted but slept really stupid place (((borrowed from his brother the charger from the phone and […]

Married, 2 children…

Wedded, 2 children. Work, but the main breadwinner husband. Hardworking, loves children. Good, shopping. But drink… used to drink… But were… Together for about 10 years. Now drink heavily for 2-3 weeks… Coded… Then again…. After coding, during a booze becomes aggressive… you Know, you need to leave him… Chika, Chika, really… Talking does not […]

I was in love with a married woman.

I was in love with a married woman.I loved,love and will love no matter what.We met at work.It all started like this:Cared for her,did I made it 6 months.In the end, she fell in love.And we loved each other very much.Our relationship of 3 years.And so it was that our relationship fell apart.I did not […]

Love this band…

Love this group and all its subscribers. I hope you can help me. In high school I was very fond of his classmate. We were young in a serious relationship with me he has not seen. In that moment, he just wanted to fuck. I refused him, because he knew that he still will not […]

I read your all stories…

Here read your all stories had to have some own opinion, at the time probably the most to write. ?Confused. My husband and I met 7 years ago, we are the same age (us 32) I have a child from his first marriage, he is now 12. We lived well, I have my own small […]

Hello,I hope this announce through predlozky. the situation is this….

Hello,I hope this announce through predlozky. here’s the situation. wife and I have been together for 4 years,have one son 3 years. and all would be well,but as usual there is a “but”..I love her.I love my wife,but the answer is already like 1.5 years I feel indifference on her part. cold in all the […]

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