Pregnant wife…

Pregnant wife wants to attend the birth.I explained that a normal guy there is to do,but she does not want to ,say, a friend gives birth and her is now even more appreciate and . Here we rested and all.

Recently my husband and friend went fishing,I decided to ask what it’s like to give birth together .Not at all surprised at the response,said that the wife really started to appreciate and respect, but as a woman she is now does not suit him, not attracted to ,although her figure did so ,in General ,lost all desire for her.But my wife nothing about it said ,so as not to offend,so she goes and advises everyone that it’s cool that it brings people together… the women, you do what the hell you need?

Our mothers and grandmothers somehow got along without it, and now came up with the fashion called .In short,let go the fool to explain what was happening


. I’m old-fashioned. I’m old-fashioned. I think a man must take care of me – to ask if I was wearing a warm scarf and if I forgot to eat. I’m old-fashioned. if I meet a man – so I see him as my future husband and father their children. Yes, he should call me […]

My grandmother and grandfather together for more than 40…

My grandmother and grandfather together for more than 40 years. And why do they live in the world? Take care of each other, from worry, enjoy life, relax. Just imagine – 40 years. Grandma was in the hospital with a serious illness, so the grandfather to her around 2 times a day and is very […]

Girls, well…

Girls, well, that’s true, people haven’t changed – so has not changed. How much for 11 years of promises, forgave, believed that change, and again, festivities, drinking, just drinking and so two days in a row. I do not want to quit, 4 children, believed that all changed 3 years lived without breakdowns, it was […]

Want to learn how to decor…

Would like to learn the decor of polymer clay? 🌸 👉🏻 Here you will learn how to:

. Possessing read the posts,…

. Obtaining read the posts, wives know: you think to check his telephone? ))) no, have a key chat with a term associated with one minute, for example))) the husband does not remember your own personal phone, but the number of your personal sublunary memorized and entered it to create a secret chat))) they write […]

please)… and

please) and who ever was the husband screwed up and can’t change because he’s ashamed? I’m seeing it for the first time and don’t know how to react. And so let’s hit on the ass is very painful, he can kiss my sick bun and apologize)))

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