do not pay attention to…

do not pay attention to errors)))) This story to me long ago, I made my choice and it as it ! Don’t regret !More to the point!Met a girl, took a room in the mortgage, she got pregnant, I was persuaded to obort (not pulled I three and a mortgage).

Then the wedding! 1.5 into the marriage. But a couple of COP(making a young family(did not) problems with work, SN has fallen, and mortgages who have not canceled ), and an ultimatum to me! Something like I want a and all ! I refused, in the end the divorce! Now she is married (not happily) and have not had two kids! I don’t have and I a second mortgage!(as for the personal a-OK! Maybe this year will do the wedding and the baby) But another question! Why women that you live in a mortgage, in debt, not really standing up for yourself reshayutsya such a responsible step as a ?

Pull it not them! And then write here what tired child to sit! And men child blackmail!

No one was taken…

no One took me. And do not hang anyone. In short, it was my neighbor) in the summer we decided to watch football… Well, and began to constantly communicate, be friends) She got pregnant and stopped drinking, we began the three of us usually sit. Or I she plus her husband, or her husband and […]

Anonymous, please….

Anonymously, please. Read this group, watching some friends. Because of this, the question arose. How some people give birth to multiple children with the same level of earnings, which is barely enough for one? My husband and I live in the regional center (Moscow), my husband recently changed jobs, so now we have a little […]

There are a lot of people

There are very many Express their negativity and failures, and I want to share my personal utopia. My husband and 2 years married. Daughter 4 years. Feared that after the official marriage my husband change, and not for the better. But who would have thought that there anyway. Husband gold. We have partnerships. He is […]

listen to the opinion…

♀Want to talk to, to listen to a second opinion. I am 19 years old and I’m pregnant. About to be born son, but my boyfriend is a drug addict. He cheats all the time, brings to tears and tantrums, leaves and disappears for a few hours. For pregnancy two times I was in the […]

I knew the phrase,

Of course, I knew the phrase “You are nobody but yourself is not necessary,” but only now realized, how true and bitter phrase. From school I worked part time. The University was in the study. But unlike their peers, I penny gave my mom. All because mom was saving my apartment. The apartment bought in […]

them!!! I have…

them!!! I have a story like this. Never got acquainted in the Internet. I’m not a teenager, and the lady is very adult, and from lack of attention until I suffer. Man, as he explained, he saw my photo in the comments of one of the “enemy” groups( I have opposing views, it is just […]

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