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Here read your all had to have some own , at the time probably the most to write. ?Confused. My husband and I met 7 years ago, we are the same age (us 32) I have a from his first marriage, he is now 12. We lived well, I have my own small business, he has a stable job. He’s very calm, sometimes even a Chur. Six ago when in his absence (he was on a business trip) our mutual friends was invited to a party in a cafe in honor of their departure, to refuse it would be ugly to me began to stick, accidentally walking in the same café his friend (literally pester you kissed me) of course there was nothing, but it was unpleasant to horror, this is what you need to have disrespect for his childhood friend to seduce his wife!!! and told her husband, in response to the silence and what a stupid excuse.

Even didn’t speak with him seriously. ? Another bell, the husband did not participate in household matters, his route – work-computer. (YouTube) at Home nothing he does is working late, come , it turns out, no one ( neither myself nor the ) not EVEN FOR a WHOLE DAY without EATING. Not what to cook, even warm up from the fridge he can’t or won’t!!! Reached ridiculous, I promised him to pay for forged wheels for what he is going to kill the floor!!!! The arch and the fixation of the bathroom, I paid for itself at its own expense hired people!!! I’m not talking about the arrangement and improvement of houses, so he did something need to come and lay his nose, and sometimes more than once, no hints don’t . If we about the financial aspects, it was the responsibility of communal payments, money he brings, he always has some debt ( mostly credit card bills, loan ) now broke up a month, so is it 4 months for com. do not pay, do not know where he spends the RFP ( 30 thousand on average).

Wanted a child, but did not work all the time, health, and psychologically possible. ( inside I’m shaking at the thought that I just fall MORE AND care for the tiny little MAN). Speaking of creatures will tell you an example… I Started a little dog, wonderful dog. Husband especially to her senses entertained, but thrilled when it was played. And that’s the way he took him for a walk, let off the leash in the yard and run over by a car ? ( on the eve of our wedding anniversary, just the day) . ????To the question, will you help me with the baby (well if it still happens) the answer was “if possible” . Do not … how? you’re 30 years old, don’t have kids!!! in my opinion it is not the answer that satisfied the female gender at any age. Fuuuh, tuckered out, now shaking from the memories, but I internally don’t want when he left ( I felt like I cooled off a little, blaming all the deadly sins, which were not) at first the relief was there, someone supports from the family, someone from friends to the contrary condemns.

What you have any opinions, sorry for many letters??

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Maybe not the topic, but I will say. Often see here, as your troubles, blame the parents. I will be 22,living with a guy, and you know what? He’s got parents, and I don’t have! I lived a whole life without parents, a grandmother, an alcoholic that is with 8 years kicked me out of […]

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My mother in law went to an apartment in the inheritance, is the former spouse and the marital housing though a mortgage. She is now married for the second time. ., Away from the essence. In the 16th year we went to her father, to care for him at her request well, and like for […]

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Preferred members, how was your holidays? We are continue! Who wants to debt money without interest? Please write in the comments “I Want Money”


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please. Hello, tell me how to overcome this double betrayal? My husband married 7 years. A friend and I were talking 30 years, since childhood, in the end, this friend stole her husband. She’s divorced, men are changing as gloves, and because of what her husband left, maybe two at a time to meet. And […]

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Immediate Urgent Urgent! let soon please!!! . Guys, here’s the situation. I’m 26 with two children. The last time from her husband slips disrespect. All super good, soul to soul, pzdts as bad. Last time had a fight in the car, naherachil in the face for calling him (he first called me, at first I […]

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