Hello,I hope this announce through predlozky. the situation is this….

,I hope this announce through predlozky. here’s the . wife and I have been together for 4 ,have one 3 . and all would be well,but as usual there is a “but”..I her.I my wife,but the answer is like 1.5 years I feel indifference on her part. cold in all the relations of family life. no normal human arms,motivation . about quality sex generally keep quiet. to change it do not want or plan. I like her and her body. her appearance. but for me there are no reproaches on her part.only is this cold. plus constant about how that would go. I think the easiest solution,but maybe someone’s been through similar – as struggled with this? renewed their feelings? to the ’s normal attitude in no way influenced by this. just a shame when you try in one helmet,trying to show some attention,but you push away. gone for a long time. moving,material difficulties-like all normal people. but still.. how to get out of this ? all just get along? isn’t that just in my .( comments is inadequate do not take into account.I hope to write normal people) all the best to you!

. Father-in-law constantly…

. Father in law is constantly calling my child from 1st marriage, a fly,a dog,a beast.Was able to give a hand (son 2 years).I’m not saying that my son live obedient,but not a Tomboy.He is a child and naturally want to run, and so on.Husband today the company and father-in-law on a fishing trip at […]

women of the public,

 women of the public, it is interesting to hear opinions from your female side.What if classic sex with his wife is completely absent? The problem is that I stupidly could not get into it…it hurts. Despite the fact that it is wet, I could not enter. And so we suffer the sixth year of Dating(married […]

please. Husband…

, please. Husband madly in love, but there is no doubt that after my maternity leave, life will not remain at a decent level. Offered him “the game”: from the RFP we give him 15 thousand-roughly this amount of the maximum allowance up to 1 . 5 years, I “threatened” (who in the budget structure […]

married 5 years…

married 5 years, have a child. Not the perfect relationship, often quarrel, but generally get along. But a recent conversation has turned our relationship into the “cold” war. We have started to talk like that on the subject of appearance, facial features, and the like. And I ask him how he appreciates my appearance, says: […]

Want to learn how to decor…

Would like to learn the decor of polymer clay? 🌸 👉🏻 Here you will learn how to: https://vk.com/app5898182_-169016166#s=246276

Hi all, I don’t know what to do, I’m confused….

hi All, I don’t know what to do, I’m confused. I’m 26 years old, girl, cute, go out a second time married, the first husband died before the divorce,got a daughter.My fiance is in General, I am satisfied, is the only but with him everything is standard and not long, there are year and feeling […]

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